Top 10 Best Car Models

List of the best individual car/pick up/van models ever built on planet earth... Ever!

The Top Ten

1 Audi R8

Fantastic Car, So is the Golf, WHY IS MUSTANG EVEN ON THE LIST? - HarCher

Looks good, sounds good and performs so well - jakemiester

It is good looking, fast and, it is a luxury car

2 Bugatti Veyron
3 Jaguar XJ

If only I had the money! - jakemiester

4 Ford Mustang

It is on the other list (Worst Cars) so there or here?

Who put a ford in this list?

5 McLaren F1

Top speed of 253.81 and made in 1990s

6 Volkswagen Golf

Trust the Germans to bring us such a reliable and powerful small car. Looks good too! - jakemiester

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7 Ferrari Enzo

Couldn't have a top 10 of cars without it! - jakemiester

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8 Aston Martin Vanquish

Like the DB5, it has been made famous by James bond and is another great looking car - jakemiester

9 Acura MDX
10 Lamborghini Miura

The Contenders

11 Tesla Model X
12 Toyota 86

A well balanced, japanese sports car. Rear wheel drive and a fair price tag make it the ideal driver's car

Latest piece of genius from the Japaniese - jakemiester

13 Audi Q7
14 BMW X5
15 Honda Odyssey
16 Dodge Challanger
17 Porsche 911
18 Ford Explorer
19 Ferrari F40
20 BMW 328i

Nice seats, nice radio, very relaxing and great luxury car. Also, the driving is very good and is just a nice perfect car. Very good brand. - Funpeople1

It's not a luxury car, it's a compact executive. Does feel like a 7-series, though!

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