Top 10 Careers Everyone Has Considered at One Point in Time

Whether it was just for a second or for more than a week these careers have crossed the minds of many.
The Top Ten
1 Actor

Always have wanted to be a actor, and I still do want to be one.

I can put up a pretty convincing and stirring act like Tommy Wiseau, and I've been considering this lately. - Bolshoy_Brat

Many think of this until they realise; they can't act for peanuts. - ParasN2000

2 Musician
3 Pornstar

If you got no skills or brain but good looks then this is the perfect job for you. - Bolshoy_Brat

Gosh what a world we live in huh - BreakFastBeast2005

Why is this on here!? - Cyri

4 Police Officer

I think that virtually every first grader wants to be a police officer or firefighter until they grow up and realize how much of a difficult job they are. - Gg2000

The police are pretty corrupt and brutal in Russia so it would be morally wrong and corrupt to join these lot. - Bolshoy_Brat

5 Secret Service Agent
6 Teacher

This is what I plan to go for right now, because I'm still not qualified for the much harder jobs - Nonpointed

Never considered it, and I don't want to be one in general.

Not really my thing. - Randomator

7 Architect
8 Athlete

I think everyone who plays a sport wants to do this until they realize it’s nearly impossible to make it. - Randomator

Oh that was for a very very short time.
A perky thought...long ago. - Ananya

9 TV Show Writer

When you think of that 'great' idea for a T.V. show only to come to your senses the next day and realise that it is not so great, actually it is stupid. - ParasN2000

10 Engineer
The Contenders
11 Docter

It's spelt 'doctor', you uncultured simpleton

12 Model
13 Ballerina

I was a kid then...6 or 7 years old, brain didn't exactly work :P - Ananya

14 Physicist
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