Top 10 Careers for TopTenners

The Top Ten Careers for TopTenners

1 Famous Critic

Best damn list on this website. I want to be a movie or video game Critic. - DCfnaf

YES! A JOB I CAN GET! Haha, I am doomed in life! - gemcloben

I should be an ass like cinemasins. - Therandom

A JOB I CAN GET - TwilightKitsune

2 Writing/Journalism

One of the careers I might enter. I'll probably go to architecture, but I'll be sure to publish some form of writing in my lifetime, that's for sure. - Turkeyasylum

I guess I could be a poet, because I seem to have talent there. - RiverClanRocks

I'm hoping to become an author in the future, I just need to keep practicing. - Elric-san

I want to be a Civil Engineer, but I want to have this as my hobby.

3 Artists

I'd love to be an artist but I have no artistic talent! - PianoQueen

I hope to have this as my career one day. - Luxam

I wish to be a manga artist one day. - Pegasister12

I'm planing to do this job. - SamuiNeko

4 Game Developers

Sounds like a job for me! - nintendofan126

I'm Still Modeling Some Of My Characters
(One Of Them Is My Profile Picture) - Devonchi

This Is What I Am! - Devonchi

5 Video Game Programmers

I wish, but programming is not only one of the most difficult ones, it has a BOATLOAD OF PREQUISITES. have fun getting all of those just to get one job. - Nonpointed

6 Animators

That's my dream! Or a famous drummer! - MontyPython

That is what I want to do!

I would like to do this and art! But I need more practice on animation.-Vestalis

7 Movie Directors/Producers/Makers

I know a lot of TopTenners that could be any of these, but in my most selfish move, I'm voting for this one, as I shall attempt to be a filmmaker.

8 Video Game Composer
9 Youtuber
10 Lawyer

I don't want to hear of anyone mocking this profession. They work hard! Most of them - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Teachers

Yes. Most TopTenners are very smart and would make great teachers. - AnonymousChick

12 Comedians

Either this or doctors, for me. My friends say I'm really funny and I think, wait, I hope I am. I made a hilarious Green Day (second favorite band) pun the other day and all my friends bursted into laughing tears. - The_Violist

This is me. I am one without thinking about it. MY LIFE.

So many users on here would make a great career out of this. - Luxam

13 Cartoonists

What I also want to do, cartoons are awesome!

14 Doctors

I actually want to be a doctor - MLPFan

15 Fashion Designers

I had a lot of designs, I made a color block collection, the princess collection and the love occasion collection. - ArigatoKawaii

I always wanted to be a fashion desinger since I was 8 - RoseCandyMusic

16 College Professor

I would love to do this one because you don't have to deal with telling grown adults to sit down or get in line.

17 Librarian

I wish I could be one, but I have no idea how to use the Dewy Decimal System. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That's what I'm going to be, and I'll be FABULOUS! - Merilille

18 Entrepreneurs
19 Scientists
20 Software Developer
21 Musician

The truth is I am a composer, stashed songs, I might put one of them there, if you liked then sure I will add more. (Except the song Lying Love which I also composed) - Erinaliese

22 Hitman

This is a good fit along with movie making, writing and video game developing - bobbythebrony

Or hitWOmen.

(If you can't tell, I'm joking.) - keycha1n

Oh sweg, this would be awesome. - Therandom

23 Models

I've been a model! (citizen) - Britgirl

Fashion isn'r my thing, but modelling could be cool.

24 Actors
25 Engineers
26 Presidents

Probably, I want to be president. - kontrahinsunu

27 Baristas
28 Janitor
29 Soldiers

No work such as writing things, you fight for your country. - Therandom

I'm not fighting in a war politicians started. - IronSabbathPriest

30 Philosophers

I bet going on this site would help me in studying philosophy.

(ignore the philosophets item, that was a typo)
I know it sounds nerdy, but I'd like to be a philosopher one day. - RiverClanRocks

31 Architects

Welp, this is my job. It has been for years now - KingSlayer93316

32 Zoologists
33 Technicians
34 Veterinarians
35 Baker
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