Top 10 Carlino Casagrande Moments

Now were going to focus on the top moments from Carlino "Carl" Casagrande on both The Loud House and The Casagrandes.
The Top Ten
1 Carl Gets Fired Out of a Cannon - An Udder Mess

Carl convinces Ronnie Anne to sneak into Dairyland while disguised as Tippy the Cow and give the free tickets to Lincoln and Sid and then join them but things don't go as planned as Ronnie Anne and Carl while dressed as Tippy find themselves in countless situations one of which are forced to get into a cannon and be fired out of it Lincoln and Sid realize that Ronnie Anne and Carl are inside go on stage to pull them out and only manage to get Ronnie Anne out while Carl is still left in the other half of the costume aka the butt and is fired out of the cannon to the shock and confusement of the other people.

2 Carl Gets Beat Up by Lola for Unplugging Luna's Guitar - The Loudest Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving dinner the Louds and the Casagrandes try to one up each other as Hector attempts to play a song for Lori and Bobby Lynn Sr. instructs Luna to play her guitar and as she plays Carl pulls the plug from her guitar as Lola angrily attacks him.

3 Carl Runs Through a Pile of Poop - How to Train Your Carl

After Carl sneaks away from the tour to go find Keyon the Komodo Dragon and ends up getting lost and walks into a dark area of the zoo and gets scared off when he sees countless eyes staring at him he runs off and runs through a pile of brown stuff as he quickly realizes its poop.

4 Carl Shows Lori His Fake Tattoo - The Loudest Mission Relative Chaos

At the end of the episode as Lori and Bobby say their goodbye Carl in a failed attempt to win over Lori shows off a tattoo he has of Lori which is actually made from Carlota's eyeliner as she angrily shouts on who used up all of her limited edition eyeliner.

5 Carl Sings for Lori - Missed Connection

As Bobby attempts to send a video of himself to Lori Carl sneaks in to his room and switches Bobby's flash drive of himself with one Carl made of him singing a song for Lori before being interrupted by his mother Frida who embarrasses him.

6 Werewolf Carl - Flight Plan

When Carlos and Frida leave Carl, C.J. and Carlitos to be babysat by Miranda while they go on a plane ride for their anniversary and the boys wanting to go scare off Miranda who doesn't like scary movies as the boys scare her various ways with Carl pretending like he's turning into a werewolf.

7 Carl Kisses Froggy 2 - Uptown Funk

Carl pretend to be friends with Adelaide so that he can get closer to her dad whose a subway conductor and agrees to do anything she wants of him which include having him kiss her frog Froggy 2.

8 Carl Threatens Ronnie Anne Not to Make His Mom Cry - Miss Step

When Carlota injures herself thanks to Ronnie Anne and is unable to do the Baile Folklorico Ronnie Anne decides to fill in for her and learn the dance with Frida as Carl attempts to threaten her by warning her not to mess this up and if she makes her mom cries he's going to do something bad to her before being interrupted by cheesy tots being ready.

9 Carl and Adelaide Crash Ronnie Anne and Sid's Sleepover - Blunder Party

Ronnie Anne, Sid host a sleepover for them and their friends when Carl and Adelaide crash their party and when Ronnie Anne tries to get them to leave Carl calls out to Rosa to forcer Ronnie Anne to include him and Adelaide.

10 Carl Ends up at The Loud House - Croaked

Throughout the episode Rosa has Carl use the marigolds to make a path for their ancestors so they can find their way to the family ofrenda and after finishing up at the end of the episode Carl ends up all the way in Royal Woods at the Loud House.

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11 Carl Gets Carried off by Carlota - The Spies Who Loved Me
12 Carl Reunites the Tropical Fruits - Do the Fruit Shake
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