TheEvilNuggetReviews: Carly Rae Jepsen; "E.Mo.Tion"

Rating: 93/100

Best song(s):
"Your Type"
"Run Away With Me"
"Gimme Love"
"Making the Most of the Night"
"Warm Blood"
"All That"

Worst song (s):
"Boy Problems"


In 2012 we met a new act that people either loved or hated with a passion. With arguably the most recognizable song of that year, Carly Rae Jepsen skyrocketed to #1 with "Call Me Maybe". A song that I consider to be my guiltiest pleasure. Her other hit "Good Time" with Owl City was actually the best hit song of the year in my book. She was riding high... And then she fell off.

This isn't an uncommon thing for immediate-success pop stars. They're hot for a summer and then people forget all about them. So, Jepsen and get label knew that this album being a flop was inevitable. So what could they do about it?

Well, they did the unthinkable, they made the album, not to be popular, but to be GOOD. An almost unspeakable thing in the music industry. Now, there are many good AND successful albums, but popularity is typically what comes before quality.

So, needless to say. The album flopped. But, it did do something. The album was critically acclaimed. It was named best album of the year by many different outlets.

Let me tell you, I had low expectations going into this album. Her previous album ("Kiss") as a whole was incredibly forgettable. So what could "E.Mo.Tion" do for me.

Well, it became my life. This album has literally been my life's backtrack since August. It is easily one if my favorite albums of all time. The way it captures 80's pop and still maintains current relevancy is astonishing. Whatever Carly did on this record, it WORKED! That is why this is easily my favorite album of 2015.

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