Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Companies In Gold Coast, Australia

The best carpet cleaning, fire restoration, rug cleaning and water damage restoration companies in Gold Coast, Australia.

The Top Ten

1 PHJ Services

PHJ Services has been providing best carpet cleaning, Fire restoration, Water Damage Restoration and Upholstery Cleaning services in Gold Coast and surrounding area's since 1975. We can now offer standard of services that simply cannot meet anywhere in Queensland.

PHJ believes that prevention is better than cure, and provides comprehensive services. - phjservices

Agree - PHJ are AMAZING! Have used them for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and sofa / upholstery cleaning and been thrilled every time.

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3 Stain Busters

Stain Busters are young and professionals Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning and stain removal service provider in gold coast. - phjservices

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4 Happy Tradie

Happy tradie offers mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning etc in all over gold coast - phjservices

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5 Big Red Gold Coast

Big Red Gold Coast the name in Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control for over 35 years! - phjservices

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6 Dry Clean Carpets

Dry Clean Carpets in Gold Coast offers highest quality carpet cleaning and customer service possible. - phjservices

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7 Mates Rates

Mates Rates specialists in cleaning carpets. they have vast experience in cleaning carpets of all textures and styles. - phjservices

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8 Happy Chaps

Happy Chaps is one of the Gold Coast’s leading carpet cleaning companies, offering a comprehensive range of professional cleaning services. - phjservices

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9 The Carpet Surgeon

Carpet Clean Gold Coast providing excellent, high quality upholstery, water damage and carpet cleaning service with full of satisfaction - phjservices

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10 Get Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Get Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a well reputed carpet cleaning company in gold coast. Get Fresh Carpet Cleaning will treat all of your carpets with a Biodegradable pre-spray first regardless of having them steam or dry cleaned. - phjservices

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11 Rug Doctor
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