Best Cars for After the Apocalypse

Here is a popular vote-created ranking of the best cars for after the world gets ruined and civilization falls apart.

The Top Ten

1 Toyota Hilux 2.4 Diesel

Tough, reliable, fuel-conservative, the bed allows for many different attachements, including rocket launchers, or for a camper shell. No surprise that rebels in the Middle East drive them. - MrVixen

2 Mercedes W123 200d Wagons

Unbelievably reliable, spacious, conserves fuel very well. It is also pretty simple to work on, being an old car. Can run in vegetable oil, if times get tough. - MrVixen

3 Mercedes W123 220d Wagons

Just like the 200D, but it burns more fuel and is less reliable, so it would be worse. - MrVixen

4 Mercedes W123 240d Wagons

Like the 220D wagons, but even less reliable and fuel-conservative. - MrVixen

5 Toyota Land Cruiser J40 Diesel

Reliable, simple, parts are abundant. Also does not burn much fuel and can run on veggie oil. - MrVixen

6 Toyota Land Cruiser J70 Diesel

Like the J40, but less simple and with harder-to find parts. Also loses to the Hilux by having a lighter-duty construction. - MrVixen

7 Mercedes W123 200d Sedans

Like the wagon, but with less space, so it is a tad worse. - MrVixen

8 Mercedes W123 220d Sedans

It loses to the 200D, due to lower reliability and a higher fuel consumption, but otherwise the same. - MrVixen

9 Paramount Group Marauder (Military Vehicle)
10 Conquest Knight XV (Military Vehicle)

The Contenders

11 Hennessey Venom GT (Sports Car)
12 Tesla Model S P85D (Sedan)
13 BMW i8 (Sports Car)
14 Marathon Coach - Prevost H3-45 (Bus)
15 EarthRoamer XV-LT (RV)
16 Toyota Tacoma (Truck)
17 Volvo 245 2.4 Diesel

Very similar to the 240D wagons in how it is built, but less reliable. - MrVixen

18 Mercedes W123 240d Sedans

It is less reliable and more fuel-hungry than the less-powerful versions and has less space than the wagon counterpart, but it is still a good car, so #10. - MrVixen

19 Pal V One (Car and Helicopter Combined)
20 ZIL Screw Drive (Utility)
21 Hummer H1
22 Local Motors Rally Fighter
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1. Paramount Group Marauder (Military Vehicle)
2. Conquest Knight XV (Military Vehicle)
3. Hennessey Venom GT (Sports Car)
1. Mercedes W123 200d Wagons
2. Toyota Hilux 2.4 Diesel
3. Mercedes W123 220d Wagons


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