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I adore Forza Horizon 3, despite feeling like it prefers looks over features (much like every Supercar ever. Not complaining, though), especially its massive collection of cars. Now that Forza Motorsport 7 is out, and there is probably no more DLC coming to this game, I think it's about time we settle the debate: which car is the best out of them all? I'm talking about performance and how easily they can be driven.
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2014 Porsche 918 Spyder

In this game, the 918 is a car that players were able to get via Forzathon events. When stock, this German hypercar is already a beast. However, if you upgrade it fully, you also fully unlock its potential. In my opinion, this is one of the best, if not THE best car for the Goliath circuit. It's crazy fast, handles well at most speeds, has awesome brakes, and a greatly satisfying launch. I almost want to call this car a hack that isn't a hack, because during any race, even on max difficulty, the only other cars you'd be worried about are other 918's.

You should really try owning this car. It is epic, looks great and can easily beat ANY car. Just the thing is, there are idiots at the auction house that make it I'm possible to buy. 20,000,000 credits!?!?!? Wow. But my point is that honestly, a combination of speed, handling, sound, looks, power, braking,launch, of course, acceleration, and an all terrain car, the porche 918 Spyder is no doubt about it, the best car in the game. You can win this car with 10 ultimate skill chains (21,000 skill ponts) in forzathon sometime in the first 5 months of the year. This 2014 hybrid hypercar is worth it. Everything is easy in this car. I recommend it. Beast and best.

This thing is a beast at racing. I was 12th place and then came back to win every lap on HARD MODE! you can't compete with this hing and even though it is expensive, you can sometimes find in in the auction house for just over a million credits. I bought it out for 1.2 million and ever since, I haven't lost a single race. 6 stars out of 5

You know on auction house I got a pretty good bargain on it of 600000 because the guy I bought it from already has 3 hypercard like tye revento I guess so it is great I have never lost a race and it takes about 15 to get around the whole map

2015 Koenigsegg One:1

In my opinion one of the most bad ass cars in the game (/in the world), the One:1 is a crazy beast! It can be upgraded to X-class easily, and when you do, you will not regret it. From my experience, this is one of the smoothest cars in the world. Even at top speed, this car still produces enough down force to take most corners flat-out! When I first drove this car during a Bucket list challenge, I was mind blown by its power, and still am. At the time of writing this, this very car actually beat my 918 in scoring the highest skill chain, which is funny, since Koenigsegg's badge is currently on the fastest production car in the world (again, at the time of typing this. Hennessey's F5's top speed was only claimed at this time, not tested).

It is very fast and expensive all the koenigseggs are all the fastest

One of favorite cars # dream car

This just has insane top speed.

2003 Nissan Fairlady Z

If you didn't expect this one, I don't blame ya. From my experience, this is quite an underrated car. I think this is one of those cars that's good for almost any type of racing. I can see this with an off-road set, rallycross set, AND track race set. Sure, it's not too impressive when stock, and a lot of people think it's an ugly car, but when I fitted it with some rally upgrades, I was blown away by how quick it was. I've won more Online events with my rally-built 350Z than any other car in my garage, and I'm not just talking about races. The only reason that I didn't put this car at the top was because it was a bit too fast at times during a rally race, and I've spun it a few times before.

2554 AMG Transport Dynamics M12S "Warthog"

Simply dubbed the "Warthog", this fictional off-road car, which is actually from a wholly different video game, called Halo, might not have the performance as most other cars on this list, but that's because this car doesn't belong on asphalt. It's not listed as "Extreme Off-road" for nothing, after all, and I must say, this car is almost perfect for cross country racing. You see, this car is not all, but that's actually exactly what you want when you're literally digging your route through an unprepared wasteland, or a piece of land full of crops to run over. I remember my first ever Online championship, and it was mostly off-road based. The final race was with this car, and let me tell you, I skyrocketed to the top! The Warthog is like a lawnmower for skill chains on certain routes.

2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II

How could I not? Even if it's just outside the top 5, the R34 deserves a spot on this list. Not only is it a legend among JDM cars, but it's also, when fitted with the right upgrades, fast, smooth, and good-looking.

2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R

Oh man, the S15. One of my favorite JDM cars ever. If you're looking for a car with lots of options for its physical appearance, the S15 is one of the best choices in the game. It's almost got Need for Speed levels of customization, and the best part is that it's not even that expensive. Even better, you can pick this car as your first officially owned vehicle at the beginning of the game, after you get to drive the amazing Lamborghini Centenario for your then second time ever. Did I mention how good this car looks with a body kit slapped on?

2015 Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020

The thing that puts this car on the list is one simple factor: it's incredibly cheap for its class. Its performance rivals that of most hypercars in the game, yet its one of the cheapest high-performing cars in the game, starting at only 130k. Alternatively, because this is a DLC car, you could buy the Ultima 720 GTR, though you'll get less for more: it performs a little less good than the 1020, and costs 20k more. But hey, at least there's not a paywall for that car.

It fast and handles really well

1970 AMC Rebel "The Machine"

To put it in short: this is an amazing rally car, but it's also one of those cars that you shouldn't max out, unless you want an undriveable vehicle.

Lamborghini Centenario

My favorite car. I can't unlock it's 100% potential but I have unlocked it's maximum potential and I haven't lost a single game with this car. Beast! Love it.

If you drove this car then it would be your favorite. You can't lose when driving this with a professional tune.

Though this car looks nice and drives fast my dad says it looks like an egg

So good it is so fast it is max upgrade

2015 Ferrari LaFerrari

Great acceleration and awesome handling

Faster than the centenario

Beauty speed history

It is amazing

The Contenders
2014 Ferrari FXX K

This track toy is what you would expect from this legendary Italian brand. It's looks are dazzling, and it's smooth like butter. The only downsides of this car, which are the reasons why I put it so low on the list, are the speed and the price. This car ranks the highest of any other car in the game on the autoshow (stock), but for that, you get rather underwhelming speed, and 2.7 million credits of your in-game account. The thing about the speed, though, is the simple fact that this car was built for the opposite reasons as the Bugatti Veyron. The Ferrari can take corners much quicker, due to its, for its class, slowness, whereas the Veyron can barely take a corner at half the pace of it.

Good for tracks with a lot of corners because its slow on the straights

Cool looking car...

Good for rivals

Audi R8 V10 Plus

I drive this car every day, stable at high speeds and fun at low speeds. Great car.

It is actually a very good car

Awesome car overall.

Just an amazing car overal

2017 Ford GT

Really great car, fun and easy to drive around in when upgraded to X-class. One of my favourite cars in the game.

All round a good car, easy to use at high speeds. great for winning races

Smooth, fats, and an overall beast on the track

One of my favorite car.

Toyota Supra A80
1972 Reliant Supervan III

Probably the worst car in the game for a serious race, but that's not why it's on the list. It's because this car is a mix of stupid and endlessly amusing. Seriously, I once had a duel with a guy driving an Ultima 1020, on sand, and it was the best time of my life. Partially because my opponent knew exactly what I was doing, and intentionally slowed down to give me a push every now and then.

I won thousands of races with this car. It is a unbelievable steal from the action house. I have at least fifty of them with different tunes even pros use this car.

I also won many races with stock against x tier cars. My garage has probably 200 and they sell for 20 mil on a bad day. The other people don’t know what they are thinking about

Want it in the list

Bugatti Veyron

Fun completely just fun

Fast and only 2.2 million

Hennessey Venom GT

Earth rhetoric there three rut earth hyre

It has so much grip

Fun and stable

Hennessey Venom GT is pretty good
Speed and Braking

2010 Lamborghini Murcielago

The liberty walk kit makes the acceleration so god

Ok let's get started this car is amazing in looks with dat white paint that has the black lettering is sexy and modifying the car with those godly tunes is so worth it and it can go really fast if yu tune it right also all ya have to do to get one

Lamborghini Urus

The fancienes of a Lexus, the toughness of a Jeep and the speed of a Bugatti Veyron...…. only if you load upgrade

Heat thvtethtthtthevvtthetth the tyh earth ehe

McLaren 570S Coupé

The McLaren 570s is my absolute favorite car in the game. It’s a bargain for less than 300,000 cr and if you upgrade its stock engine it can hit speeds easier than some HyperCars. With the stock engine upgraded the thing launches like a beast and accelerates fast all the way through the gears. It never stops accelerating until it hits top speed. The car is so light and areodynamic you can throw it through most corners at good speed. This thing will leave any modern super car in the dust and even make some hypercars feel like they aren’t worth the price. At this price, there’s no beating the value.

Great all round and sexy

Fun and easy to drive

Mc larens BEST car and the fh3 s too

Suzuki Swift

How is the higher than the Veyron

Jaguar D-Type

Its one of the free roam fun cars for multiplayer as it's the fastest car on the game (when upgraded to S2).
With speed up to 300 mph.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Very good balancing of the car, great handling and acceleration, if you keep it original

Handling is awful

Mazda RX-7 FC

If you want a perfect drift car,buy this car

Nissan Skyline GT-R

I know that the Nissan spec ll is already on this list but with this car I see a BIG difference.For starters I got this car today because I was looking for the fast and the furious cars from the movies anyway I was messing around(strolling through) random nissian cars now then I saw this car the one I have is blue maybe silver and has the flag of Japan on the top of the car as well as the words "japan" and the flag on both sides.i did not have enough CR to even bid on it so I did some races and finally got enough to buy it out when I did that I took the car out to drive now at this time I found a cool race track going through paradise city so I tested this out and then thought DANG DIS THING IS A BEAST! And then I noticed that this cars handling is so good that you can pass through even in the tightest traffic also this cars speed is beast there are so many reasons to like this car looks,handling,speed and MUCH MORE so go check this car out please

Okay.So this car is flat-out AMAZING like I was going through cars from the asian car category and then this car popped up out of no where and I was like,this thing is dazzling! I picked the car up for like 100k or something like that but then I tried it and I was blown away this things speed and handling it was super cool to use so go check out this car!

Best car I love da handling on this thing!

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