Top 10 Cars You Own But Won't Admit

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1 Honda Civic

Should be called Honda spivic.
This is the car you buy when you just watched The scene in fast and furious when Vin diesel and paul walker are driving civics and you're like 'wow civics are actually pretty cool looking'. So you go on craigslist and type in Honda civic and you're like' wow I paid more for my Gucci belt that's a good price'. Plus your uncle is like'hey you're gonna buy a civic that's a good car that's good on gas and your dad is like' That's 2 fast you will kill yourself but your like 'No it's a 4 cylinder its slow even though deep down your like' until vtec kicks in. So you buy the civic and install a air intake you got from ebay and justified it to your parents by saying its for ''fuel economy'. You then install a huge exhaust that you can stick you're head in because LOUDER IS BETTER but to everyone it sounds like a weedwhacker. So your on the highway one day and you see this ford and you're like I'm gonna eat this guy for breakfast but he beats you so you trade ...more

2 Toyota Prius

I don't care about the environment enough to drive this crap. This is the car you buy when You are a girl. Seriously if you are a guy and you buy this car there's no hope for all...ever.

3 Volkswagen Beetle

It looks like an egg. This is the car you buy when your like 'you know I like eggs, I like there shape a lot, I'm gonna drive one.

4 Mazda Rx-8

I don't care if it has a rotor Engine. This is the car you buy when you love tuner cars but the Rx-7 is out of your price range so you buy the rx-8 only to come home and show it off to your friends and then they ask you' hey is that a v8' and you say' Actually it has a rotor blah blah blah no valves blah blah blah 1.8 liter blah blah' and then they punch you in the face.

5 Smart Car

Sardine Can on wheels I hope u get run over by a civic. This is the car you own when you don't fit in with the jocks or the nerds so you decide to be 'different on purpose' only to come home and realize your car can fit in your apartment.

6 Bugatti Veyron

Really?!?! - Ananya

Front looks horrible. This is the car you buy when you're rich as hell but no nothing about cars and buy the most expensive car u see only to come home and get made fun of by that kid on your block that you want to punch in the face.

7 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Pt LOSER. This is the car you buy when you're wife left you because she says you're to boring so you decide to buy a convertible and you want to get that BMW Roadster but your broke so you get the next best thing only to come home and get made fun of by that old rich lady on your block that actually has that bmw.

8 Buick Century

Gramma Mobile. This is the car you buy when you are are rapidly approaching middle age and life didn't work out so you're not gonna get that Porsche you always wanted so your son who is in his 30s finds you a sweet deal on a buick and you must face the consequences,

9 Ford Mustang

Stands for Found on Roadside Dead.
This is the car for the guy that sleeps in ford pajamas and has ford bedsheets and he has a mullet.

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