Cartoon Characters You'd Love to See In Real Life


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1 Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob Squarepants SpongeBob SquarePants is a fictional character and the titular character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name.

Didn't even need to look at the rest of the choices listed. SpongeBob SquarePants, 'enough said!

If he wanted to go on vacation with me he could easily fit inside a suit case.

Would he be a yellow sponge with a face, arms and legs? - funnyuser

I'd meet him.

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2 Timmy Turner Timmy Turner Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner is a ten-year old boy who is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated series The Fairly OddParents created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. V 2 Comments
3 Homer Simpson Homer Simpson Homer Jay Simpson is the protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

That would be great, waver all day

4 Patrick Star Patrick Star Patrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show . Created and designed by marine biologist and cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg, the series creator, Patrick more.

Go out with the couple of days, but no longer see him again ever in my life

Patrick is a Star

Patricks the man laugh out loud

5 Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character, created by the staff of Leon Schlesinger Productions (later Warner Bros.) He is one of the most famous cartoon characters, and he is in the show Looney Tunes. His famous quote is "What's up doc?". He is a gray colored bunny with big teeth and big feet. His more.

"What's up doc" entertainment for dayz! - VideoGameTiger

6 Sandy Cheeks Sandy Cheeks Sandra "Sandy" Cheeks is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.
7 Cosmo
8 Flora
9 Anais Watterson Anais Watterson

Because we need some intelligence on Earth

10 Jake the Dog Jake the Dog Jake the Dog is, along with Finn the Human, a fictional character and one of the main cast in the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward.

I could love to go and see him in real life and see how spectacularly cool Jake the dog is. We will be like best friends.

"he he he, he he he, he he he, he he he" -Jake the dog, latin translation. - keyson

How long can he stretch? How quick can he shape-shift?

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? Lynn Loud Lynn Loud At 13 years old, Lynn is the fifth-oldest child of the Loud family, and the youngest of Lincoln's five older sisters.

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11 Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life) Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life) Rocko is the eponymous fictional character of the cartoon Rocko's Modern Life and the comic book series of the same name. V 1 Comment
12 Edd (Ed, Edd n Eddy) Edd (Ed, Edd n Eddy) Edd, mostly referred to by his nickname "Double D," is one of the three protagonists in the Canadian-American animated comedy television series Ed, Edd n Eddy. He is the physically weakest but the most intelligent member of the Eds.

He reminds me so much of me. If he was real, we'd be best friends.

13 Yakko Warner Yakko Warner

He's my favorite cartoon character. I love his razor sharp wit. I'm sure he would have a lot of interesting things to say about modern culture if he were real.

14 Jerry (Tom and Jerry) Jerry (Tom and Jerry) Jerry Mouse is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. He is a mouse that gets chased by Tom, but tries to trick him so he won't catch him .

This guy is awesome! Really want to meet him! - Svampbob164

I wish I he real so I could become his friend. He's adorable.

15 Marceline Marceline

My love is you my adorable vampire chick

16 Raditz Raditz
17 Leafy (Battle for Dream Island)
18 Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.
19 Eric Cartman Eric Cartman Eric Theodore Cartman is one of the main characters in the animated television series South Park, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and voiced by Trey Parker.
20 Wakko Warner Wakko Warner

I wanna kill this guy.

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