Top Ten Cartoon Conspiracies

The Top Ten Cartoon Conspiracies

1 SpongeBob and His Friends are Based on the Seven Deadly Sins

I actually just realized this. - Catacorn

You make a point right there

Really, I don't think so

Yes it does, and it's kinda creepy I watched it on channelfrederator on YouTube right now

2 Robbie from Gravity Falls is a Zombie

Pale skin, bad aditude. ENOUGH SAID!

Um that would mean most edgy teenagers in cartoons are zombies or vampires. I'm not sure about this. - Synchronocity

3 Richie Rich and Casper are the Same Person
4 Jane from Tarzan is Related to Belle from Beauty and the Beast
5 The Power Puff Girls are All One Person
6 Elsa and Anna are Rapunzel's Cousins

I like this one. It must have started because Rapunzel has a cameo during the song, For the First Time in Forever.

7 All of the Pixar Movies Actually Exist Within the Same Universe
8 Zootopia is About Racism

That... isn't a conspiracy at all... that's what the movie is about. - LarkwingFlight

9 Big Hero Six and Frozen are Connected
10 Nemo is Just Marlin's Imagination

The Contenders

11 The Babies in Rugrats are Just a Figment of Angelica's Imagination

What about when Dil was born, Kimi became Chuckies sister.

12 Professor Utonium and Samurai Jack are the Same Person

That could be plausible. - Synchronocity

13 The Lion King and The Lion Guard are Fascist Propaganda

And this is one of the reasons why I hate it.

14 All of the Non-Disney animated movies actually exist in the same universe
15 Fanboy and Chum Chum are in College
16 The Kids from the Magic School Bus are Actually the Captain Planet Planeteers
17 Bikini Bottom is the Result of Nuclear Testing
18 Ash Ketchum is Eternally Stuck at 10 Years Old
19 Plankton is cannabis
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