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1 Ed, Edd, N Eddy Purgatory Theory

Exactly. If they are ghosts, then why do they have different clothes than the ones they died in?

I love Ed, Edd N Eddy!

2 Pinky is the Genius and the Brain isn't

Well Brain always attempts to take over the again. Don't you think he is insane?
Pinky is comical but not stupid.

Makes sense


3 The Rugrats are All in Angelica's Mind

Makes know sense lacks in evidence and has many severe problems

This theory literally made me so scared that I stayed up till 3:00 AM thinking about it on a Thursday night!

This is stupid.

4 Hey Arnold's Grandparents are His Parents

That is the weirdest theory I've ever heard! It's possible though...

Debunked. This was probably made before the release of the Hey Arnold Movie

5 The Flinstones is Set in The Apocalypse
6 Samurai Jack and Powerpuff Girls are Set in the Same Universe
7 Donald Duck has PTSD
8 The Smurfs are white supremacists

Nope just fictional creatures.

They where white caps like the KKK, their leader wears a red cap, like the KKK. Gargamel screams Jewish stereotype and Azrael is a Hebrew angel of death. - 445956

9 SpongeBob and the 7 Deadly Sins

This is actually a fact, not a conspiracy.

Makes more sense then anything

True. Creators confirmed it.


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10 Aladdin‘s Genie and the salesman are the same person

This is actually true - Nirocart

The cheat just wanted to sell you an ol' ' pot!

very true.

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? Ash's Pikachu is Really a Human.
? Caillou is D.W. Read in Human.

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11 Uncle Grandpa Is a Pedophile

No! Uncle Grandpa how could you?! You did a Steven Universe crossover! *cries*

This one makes the most sense to me!

It's true.

12 Dr. Claw is the REAL Inspector Gadget
13 Charlie Brown Dying From Cancer

Only evidence: He's bald : /

That would make sense.

He is not bald! he has very light short hair that you cannot see it! - RootBeerFan

14 Courage the Cowardly Dog is a normal dog
15 Alejandro from Total Drama World Tour Was Cloned for All Stars

I've heard of this one. It would explain a lot. - Synchronocity

16 Ash is in a coma

This one is so amazing. Look it up. I was speechless when this was over.

17 Heine Westenfluss was the original pilot of the Destiny Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)

Anime is just Japanese for cartoon so it counts. - PerfectImpulseX

18 The Powerpuff Girls Are All Just Inside the Girls' Minds
19 Finding Nemo And Big Hero 6 Happen At The Same Time
20 Bill Cipher is the Illuminati

It’s obvious

21 Caillou Has Cancer

Listen everyone...Caillou was originally going to be an 18 month old baby. They didn't bother giving him hair because they thought its not the same and they said no one needs to look the same as everyone else.
18 month old baby.
Babies whine, cry, tantrums.
A new conspiracy theory Caillou is an 18 month year old baby in a four year olds body.

22 Doug Funnie is a crackhead.

Seeing the strange colours of everyone except for his family.

23 Bugs Bunny is Homophobic
24 Caillou is an 18 Month Old Baby in a Four Year Old's Body.

An 18 Month Old Baby, the world revolves around them because they don't really know anything about the world.

Rosie is also his twin sister.

Whine, cry, tantrum.

25 Every Member of the Simpson Family Is a Genius
26 Camp Wawanakwa from Total Drama Is Fake

Well, there have been instances where Chris and Chef DRIVE to the island... - Turkeyasylum

But then where is it? The Bermuda Trinagle? Triangle... Illuminati... Illuminati has an eye in the middle... so does Doodle Devil... THE DEVIL IS CHRIS!

27 The Belcher Family is dead (Bob's Burgers)
28 Pinkie Pie is a Closet Psychopath
29 Johnny Bravo and Beavis are related
30 Garfield is Dead
31 Tom and Jerry was ww2 propaganda
32 Applejack's parents are dead
33 Doofenshmirtz is Phineas' Father
34 Bill Cipher Isn't Dead (Gravity Falls)
35 Ash Ketchum is the avatar
36 Cubone is a Baby Kangaskhan
37 The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 Was Just a Stage Play
38 Aang has cancer
39 Nickelodeon Will Go Bankrupt If They Cancelled SpongeBob SquarePants.

Fans don't want their precious SpongeBob to die. So they want Nickelodeon to run it for eternity.

Not a theory, but the truth - rankist

40 Homer Simpson is in a Coma
41 Dora the Explorer is in a Coma

Ever seen the video of Dora and Boots in a coma.

42 Every Bald Character or Character with Not Much Hair Has Cancer.
43 Doug, Characters Who are Blue Can't Breathe, Characters Who are Green are Feeling Sick.
44 Ho-Oh Made Ash Immortal.
45 Care Bears are the Teletubbies Parents
46 Veggietales is for brainwashing children.
47 Jynx is a possessed woman
48 Ash Ketchum is the Asian Peter Pan
49 Boohbahs are Teletubbies Heirs.
50 Woodstock is a Cannibal
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