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21 Sonic & Amy - Sonic X

Close to what I wanted to be on the board... But still cute couple

Right show, wrong couple. They are still cute though

I'd rather prefer sonic boom couple

I love Sonamy! But including on Sonic Boom! 😘

22 Donald & Daisy Duck

I love the cartoons where they're discussing Donald's tempure.

23 Spongebob & Sandy - Spongebob Squarepants

These two cuties are magnificent together!

Not a couple just friends SpongeBob and pearl are a real couple!

24 Randy & Theresa

Cute and sweet couple! I like this shipping. - ChatNoirFan18

I Used to watch this show and the Relationship between These Two were Unique but not that sweet.But I ship them by the way.Show was called Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja.

25 Fred & Wilma Flintstone - The Flintstones
26 Gumball & Penny - The Amazing World of Gumball
27 Ash & Misty - Pokemon Ash & Misty - Pokemon

A very fun couple to watch

I prefer ash and Serena

No I do not like, I'm only for red x yellow in adventures

28 Joker & Harley Quinn - Batman The Animated Series

The most awesome couple ever love them

I don't know they are scute

Yes, put me at #1 on this list - The_Joker

How are they only 16? JokerxHarley forever!

29 Mabel & Mermando - Gravity Falls V 1 Comment
30 Ruby & Sapphire - Steven Universe

Gay space rocks 4 lyfe

Fuggin adorable


31 Lady & Tramp - Lady and the Tramp V 1 Comment
32 Ladybug & Cat Noir - Miraculous

Every time something cute happens between them, I faint

So made for each other even if they don't see it yet!

Yes just yes.

I love this ship so much, it is my favorite of all time. I feel that if they knew each other's identity right now it could ruin things for them. :( Can't wait for season 2!

33 Belle & Beast - Beauty and the Beast

Why they are so high... There are better couples than them

34 Popeye & Olive Oyl - Popeye the Sailor
35 Arnold & Helga - Hey Arnold

This couple should be in the top ten. - Elciegocalavera13

There is no way to overlook this couple!

Arnold and Helga best romantic couple for one the best for nick.
Nick make the last hey Arnold episode or movie, so Arnold and Helga can finally be together.

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36 Garfield & Arlene - The Garfield Show

Why are they down here? They deserve to be in top 13, at least! I love Garfield and Arlene! - Svampbob164

37 Cornelia & Caleb - W.I.T.C.H.
38 Finn & Marceline V 1 Comment
39 Kirito & Asuna - Sword Art Online
40 Marceline & Finn - Adventure Time

I kinda ship Finn and Flame Princess and Marceline and Marshall Lee (LOL! ) but I think the ship is nice.

It's kind of already on the list but it's still cute.

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