Top 10 Best Cartoon Creepypastas

The Top Ten

1 Squidwards Suicide

Very disturbing. Yet so awesome.

Gives me the chillls

2 Red Mist

So creepy and cool.

3 Cupcakes

The only thing I liked about MLP FIM. The other episodes are crap. But this creepy episode is Very good.

4 Sweet Revenge

Its a fairy odd parents Creepypasta. Go check it out. Its Amazing!

5 Max and Ruby Episode 004

Those creepy faces remind me of the figures from Super Mario Galaxy 2. But its still the best.

6 SpongeBob Bootleg Episode

The FACE! Anyway Nice Creepypasta.

7 Dead Mung

A very awesome and great Chowder creepypasta.

8 Rugrats Theroy

Its childhood breaking and Nightmare fueling and A very intresting Creepypasta

9 The Death of Mac

A Fosters home of Imaginary friend's creepypasta that is great and creepy.

10 Suicide Mouse Avi.

I watch the video and good god... its terrifying. And I Love it. Well that's it. I hope you like it and remember its a list of CARTOON Creepypastas. well bye.

The Contenders

11 Dead Bart
12 Enough is Enough
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