Top 10 Cartoon Episodes of 2018


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1 Reunited (Steven Universe) Reunited (Steven Universe)

This is my new favorite episode of Steven Universe. - AliciaMae

That episode got me crying my butt off I have never been this happy or hyped up in YEARS! - KianaLexi

This episode was amazing. The song at the beginning, The (two) fight scenes, the animation, The wedding, the comedy, this is truly one of the greatest SU episodes ever made. And Lapis is back. The song at the beginning sums up the episode perfectly. And the scene where Steven goes into everyone’s thoughts. Amazing. - UltraSandStorm

2 MY LEG! (SpongeBob SquarePants) MY LEG! (SpongeBob SquarePants)

This and Mimic Madness probably have to be the best Post-Sequel era SpongeBob episodes yet. And to a lesser extent for My Leg!, it's probably the best one to come out in a while this year. Sure, it was paired with an awful episode unanimously reviled by fans of the show, but seeing a recurring background character be the main focus of an episode made things fresh. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

When I said this will get to #1, yea, I was wrong. - UltraSandStorm

This thing is getting to #1 soon - UltraSandStorm

Because its sponge bob

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3 Diamonds and Lemons (Adventure Time) Diamonds and Lemons (Adventure Time)

This episode has Minecraft. Enough said. - UltraSandStorm

4 100,000 Reasons to fight! (Pokémon: Ultra Adventures)

This episode was epic, and it has a nice fight scene, and it has emotion. - UltraSandStorm

5 Selfie Improvement (The Loud House) Selfie Improvement (The Loud House)

This episode was funny, and had a satisfying ending. - UltraSandStorm

6 A single Pale Rose (Steven Universe) A single Pale Rose (Steven Universe)

This episode has a GIGANTIC reveal. SPOILERS AHEAD! Rose is Pink Diamond. For about 60 Episodes, Sence Back to the Moon, we always thought Rose Shattered Pink. It also has the Gag about Pearl inside Pearl inside Pearl inside Pearl inside Pearl’s Pearl. It’s sister episode, can’t go back also was amazing (But can’t quite make the top 10) But yes, also this was aired a week from Mother’s Day 😐 and a few days before my birthday. - UltraSandStorm

7 Sportz? (SpongeBob Squarepants) Sportz? (SpongeBob Squarepants)

To be honest, I think this episode would have been a lot better if SpongeBob, Patrick, and even Squidward weren't brutally maimed to the point that their injuries were shown in full graphic detail. Otherwise, I'd rather watch this over Ink Lemonade. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

We like sportz and we don't car who knows. - judo8alex

Wow. We had to wait 11 seasons for and episode about Sports. There was little gags Sports sometimes, Like “Just looking for the Sports channel Gary” and the episode Sewers of Bikini was about pipes in a football stadium. But we had never had and episode themed around sports. And when they finally did, they pulled it off perfectly. (It aired in 2017, but it was released everywhere in 2018) - UltraSandStorm

8 A dream Encounter! (Pokémon Ultra Adventures) A dream Encounter! (Pokémon Ultra Adventures)

I liked the episode 10,000,000 reasons to fight - -Pikachu-

My gosh, is it a theme that the episode is good and has a bad sister episode? I swear this episode is WAY better than Now you see them, now you don’t! It introduces the new theme song, Plus it introduces Nebby, Solgoleo and Lunala. - UltraSandStorm

9 Temple of Mars (Adventure Time) Temple of Mars (Adventure Time)

Its good, I don’t have much to say about this episode. - UltraSandStorm

10 Your Mother and Mine (Steven Universe)

It reveals the (not really) Truth on Rose. And WHITE DIAMOND. - UltraSandStorm

The Contenders

11 The Question (Steven Universe)

Should be here for sure. - AliciaMae

Though I didn’t think this episode was THAT GOOD, I know a lot of people love this one. - UltraSandStorm

12 The Eternal Night (Trollhunters)
13 The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains! (DuckTales 2017)
14 Family Reunion - and Farewell (Star Wars Rebels)
15 A House Divorced (Trollhunters)
16 The Shippening (The Amazing World of Gumball)
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