Top 10 Cartoon Episodes that Start with "U"


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1 Undie Pressure - The Loud House

One of my personal favorite episodes of The Loud House which features all the Loud Sisters, Lincoln and his sisters make a bet to see who can go the longest without doing their favorite things with the condition being if Lincoln loses he can longer read his comics in his underwear then one by one the sisters get eliminated until it comes down to Lincoln and Lola as Lola tries to cheat and ultimately fails and loses Lincoln thinks he's won until he forgets about Lili and loses the bet but Lola decides to call of the stipulation seeing as none of them can truly give up the things they like to do, a pretty simple premise but a very good one - egnomac

2 Ugh - SpongeBob SquarePants

Its Sponge Bob in prehistoric times where Sponge bob, Patrick and Squidwards ancestors discover fire then fight over who gets to keep it. - egnomac

3 Under the Pledging Tree - Pokemon XY

It kind of a nice episode where both Ash and Serna are together go shopping for their Pokémon for a special event although Serena would consider it a date even though it wasn't. - egnomac

4 Up the Down Steroid - South Park

The infamous episode where Cartman attempts to pass himself as handicap in order to compete in the Special Olympics so he can easily beat the other competitors only for the opposite to happen and there's the main story where Jimmy starts taking steroids and shows the pros and cons of steroid use. - egnomac

5 UPSET! Gourry  vs Zangulus - The Slayers
6 Ukyo's Secret Sauce - Ranma 1/2

Ranma accidently ruins Ukyo's secret sauce that she's kept aging for years and rather then tell her the truth he decides to be extra nice to her after moving into the Tendo household unfortunately Akane realizes that's he's up to something after he tells her what really happened and forgets about the promise hhe to Ukyo which ticks off Akane and she orders him to tell her the truth of course things do go so well even after they both tell her she still doesn't believe them then Akane's sister Nabiki for no reason shows up tells her that not only are Ranma and Akane engaged but their also married which only makes things 100% worst - egnomac

7 Unbearable - Pokémon Johto League Championship

Ash and friends discover a cute and innocent Teddiursa who turns out to anything but innocent as it steals their food and causes mischief and getting others blamed all while deceiving everyone with its cute looks, like the episode Everyone Knows Its Bendy from fosters Home for Imaginary friends though not nearly as bad. - egnomac

8 Up The Creek - Total Drama Island
9 Usopp vs. Daddy the Parent! Showdown at High! - One Piece
10 Usagi Yojimbo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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11 Up a Tree - Adventure Time
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