Media Showdown Episode 9

Welcome back to Death Battle ripoff. I'm Ultron123 and let's prepare for the reviews and fight. Tonight's battle is Jeff the Killer and Genji, with a twist. Jeff is now a full grown man and he's fighting Genji as an adult. So let's get ready.

Jeff was a teenager that was in a burning building. He made it out alive but was horribly scarred. He eventually fixed the problem by cutting his face into a continuous smile like a Joker wannabe. He then burnt his eye lids to never fall asleep again. Then, something snapped and killed his entire family. Talk about overkill. Literally. He then ran away. The reason he survived all this was because he was possessed by an inner demon who craved the tortured souls of others. Anyway, when he grown up in the woods, he became twice the killer he was. He had 2 knives now and cut his tongue like a reptile. But he was just as durable as he was before. He could tank explosions, stabbings, bullets to the face, and much more. He is equipped with his butcher knife, which he uses to kill humans and, get ready, hurt Slendie. Hell, he's basically one of the only people that can physically hurt Slenderman. He's is also ridiculously agile, since he could dodge attacks from Slendie himself. Jeff is also insane. He enjoys hurting himself and can take countless amounts of bullets. He may be a insane creep you do not want to encounter in the middle of the night and have him chase you, but he has his limits. He doesn't use stealth making him easy to detect and pin down from long range. Also, his knife is basically the only thing he has. Without it, he can't hurt you. Overall, Jeff is a insane killer that loves the act of bloody murder. However, he is terrible at stealth and could easily be spotted.

Moving on we have Genji. Genji is a skilled swordsman and assassin who was the brother of Hanzo. Genji and Hanzo fought one day, and Genji was horribly wounded. It was then Mercy from Overwatch found him and gave him a robotic body. Genji managed to find Hanzo and got his revenge and made sure Hanzo got wrecked. Also Genji had a lot of skill. He is extremely mobile, being able to dodge bullets and reflect bullets as well. He also has his ninja stars, which he can throw in different patterns, such as all at once or one at a time. He also can call upon the dragon's blade and control it, making it go in which direction he pleases. There's also his Swift Strike, which he charges forward and slices the enemy with extremely fast speed. His most important tactic is unpredictablity. He is extremely dangerous in many ranges and his mobility makes him hard to hit. Now don't think he's perfect by any means. The only powerful attack that whittles his enemies down is his dragon's blade. Other than that, none of his attacks do as much damage individually. Sure he can use combos to make his attacks more dangerous, but he's not doing that much damage by just attacking. Also, even though he's skilled, he is not that durable. Sure, he could tank many bullets but he is easy to defeat if he isn't careful. Overall, Genji is a ninja with a large amount of skill. However, he isn't really that durable and none of his attacks do that much damage.

And the winner is…
GENJI!! (Did you expect anything different?)
Look, Jeff is more durable and physically stronger, but Genji's speed, skill, mystical power and unpredictablity pushed him ahead. Genji doesn't even have to get close to Jeff to do damage. He can just zoom around him and shoot his ninja stars, which would whittle Jeff down fast. Jeff is durable but he is breakable. Once Jeff is in Genji's sight, Genji can easily pelt Jeff down. Sure, Jeff could get lucky and hit Genji a few times, but Genji has the speed advantage and can dodge bullets, so Jeff isn't the fastest thing Genji handled. And let us not forget the dragon's blade. Jeff is going to have a tough time with the dragon's blade. Now with all these advantages, you'd think Genji would win easily, but Jeff is going to give Genji a bad time. Jeff's durability, endurance, and natural strength would prove a challenge. But in the end, Genji is just way to much for Jeff to handle. The winner is Genji.

Next Fighters: Ultimate Showdown. For each 10 episodes up to episode 70, I'd randomly choose 25 characters in fiction to fight in a showdown. 6 winners will stay alive and move on to the next round. Once there are 42 survivors, they'll fight and that'll prove who is the best fighter in the first season. There are going to be 3 places, and each fighters need to give it their all. Prepare for the Ultimate Showdown.