Media Showdown Episode 14

Welcome back to Media Showdown. I'm your magnificent host, Ultron123. And without further ado, let's get to the fight. Today's battle is between Tatsumaki and Silver The Hedgehog.

Silver is a pychokinetic hedgehog hailing 200 years in the future. His world was destroyed and he went to the past to change the future. He's equipped with his psychokinesis and he could lift many things using his mind only. To give you an idea on telekinesis, it's just a remake of psychokinesis with magic thrown into it. Anyway, Silver is a master at grabbing and throwing massive amounts of objects. His most impressive move with psychokinesis is his Meteor Smash, where he lifts debris and compresses it into a ball 20 times his size and tosses it at his enemies. To do this he has to lift several tons at bare minimum. And I'm just low balling it. His true limit of his psychokinesis is unknown. He also is extremely fast. He could easily rival the speed of Sonic, on ground and in flight, and Sonic can move at least faster than light, since Sonic could recreate reality just by running and has his Light Shoes and Light Speed Dash. He has a really high stamina. He could keep up a battle with Sonic and Shadow without breaking a sweat. He's also really durable. He was crushed by several tons of debris and came out just fine. Silver also could catch bullets with his psychokinesis and even make a pure blade full of psychic energy. He's also an embodiment of chaos and could use Chaos Energy to warp time and space to his will, live outside the space time continuum and seal others in different dimensions he chooses. He could stun giant and/or powerful universal monsters like Iblis, Enerjak and Super Sourge and even empower himself to have unlimited psychic energy during battle. He's also quite smart. He has lots of knowledge on time and space. He could also use all the Chaos Emeralds to turn to Super Silver. With this Silver's power increases by 1000%. He could causally lift giant meteorites, travel through time and space and helped Super Sonic and Super Shadow defeat Solaris, a universal god. Now he isn't perfect. He's extremely naïve and gullible and could easily be tricked to go down the wrong path. Also, unless he empowers himself, he could run out of stamina eventually. He shouts the ever so famous line "it's no use" as his stamina lowers down and his psychokinesis doesn't function. This fatigues him and even could make him pass out. Overall, Silver is an extreme psychokinetic user. He's very skilled but he's very naïve and could run out of stamina and when that happens, he loses his psychokinesis and gets fatigued.

Moving along, let's get to Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki is a psychokinetic
S-Class hero in One Punch Man that's the Hero Association uses as a last resort. Like Silver she's a master at psychokinesis and is easily a very powerful mental fighter. Once she pulled a giant meteorite from space and threw it at an enemy. A regular giant meteorite would weigh over 50 tons. She could also lift massive bolder and stop Boros's massive bombardment and threw it back with the same force. Tatsumaki also could create Psychic Barriers to protect herself and even use Chi as a weapon to bend her opponent's life force although Chi isn't effective when the enemy has high determination or could surpass their limit or came close. She could easily keep up with Speed O Sound Sonic (not the hedgehog) and react to multiple missiles shot from Boros's ship. She's also quite durable. She could fight standstills with Saitama and the Golden Sperm. (Don't ask. I don't come up with names) Yes, really. The Golden Sperm even states that she could defeat him at her full power and he could lift giant bolders and withstand many hits from Genos and Atomic Samurai. Saitama is One Punch Man, soooooo…. Anyway, she has very high stamina and durability, proven when she stayed conscious when she suffered a really bad heavy head hitting attack and withstand many hits from dragon sized monsters while unconscious. Now she definitely isn't perfect. She's extremely childish and is willing to throw her power around to get her way. Also, Tatsumaki's psychokinesis won't work if she's hit in the head and without her psychokinesis, she's extremely vulnerable, since she's terrible when it comes to hand and hand combat. Also, those with great will could resist most of her attacks. Overall, Tatsumaki is a master with psychokinesis and is a S-Ranking hero for a reason. She is extremely powerful yet she's childish and if she gets hit in the head she loses all of her psychokinesis.

And the winner is Silver.

Okay, this could get a bit salty. Silver and Tatsumaki have similar fighting styles, keeping enemies from touching them using long ranged attacks. So, who does it better? Silver would. Silver edges Tatsumaki out in just about every category. Sure Tatsumaki has an advantage in training experience but that won't help her. He's stronger and is used to hand to hand combat while Tatsumaki is strictly a mental fighter. He's massively faster than Tatsumaki, being fast enough to keep up with Sonic and Shadow. When it comes to durability, both are similar. Both taken hits from godly beings and lived to fight another day. However, Silver could edge this category with the use of Super Silver. He also has a better attitude. Yes, being naïve is a big flaw, but Tatsumaki never shown the ability to talk people out of things. Also Silver has a much better chance of taking Tatsumaki out while Tatsumaki is limited when it comes to that. The only weakness Tatsumaki can tackle is Silver's stamina issue, since she isn't known to be a tactical genius and because Silver has a lot of determination. The fact he can use Chaos energy and turn Super is proof that he has a strong will and high determination, so the Chi Manipulation won't work on Silver. But for this to work she must try and and use her own stamina to lower Silver's stamina, but Silver could turn Super or even boost his power up. On the other hand, Silver could take advantage of Tatsumaki's arrogance and hit Tatsumaki in the head, both of which are more effective than whatever Tatsumaki can do. The winner is Silver.

If you want to see a rematch between Silver and Sonic against Saitama and Tatsumaki, just comment in all Caps 'REMATCH'. If this post gets 20 comments, there will be a rematch.

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