Media Showdown Episode 15

Welcome back. I'm your host Ultron123 and let's get right into the fight. Tonight's fight is between Reaper from Overwatch and Emerald from RWBY

Gabe Reyes was a member of Overwatch and good old friend to Jack Morrison. One day though, the Overwatch head quarters was blown up, with Gabe and Jack in it. Surprisingly, he survived. Then for some strange reason, he joined Talon and became a mercenary, hunting down former Overwatch agents. He's equipped with his Hellfire Shotguns, which allows him to shred past his foes in close quarter combat. He also has a Wraith form which leaves him unable to attack but grants him immunity for 3 seconds. This and his Shadow Step allows him to flank his opponents and sneak around enemies without being spotted. Also with every hit, he leeches his opponent's soul and once he kills said opponent, their soul is in for the taking. His opponent's soul allows Reaper to heal and get stronger. He also can regenerate without the souls which makes the souls kinda useless. He also uses his tactic, Death Blossom. When it's active, Reaper moves in circles at near blinding speed and shoots everything in his path. He incapacitated Winston in his Primal Rage form, who defeated Doomfist, who can level GODDAMN SKYSCRAPERS!! He also could defeat heavily armed soldiers and could keep up with Tracer, one of Overwatch's fastest combatants and even defeat a mech which had the capability to hurt Reaper, which is hard to do. However, Reaper isn't perfect. He's cocky and takes his time savoring his victim's pain, which led him into dangerous situations, especially when it comes to Winston. He's also not invincible. He could die and still feel pain. Overall, Reaper is a highly trained mercenary that specializes in flanking and getting up close to his opponents and kindly acquaint them with his Hellfire Shotgun. He is, however, cocky and takes time killing his opponents and that led him into a bind more than once.

From one duel weapon villain to another, which have Emerald. Emerald's main method of attack is her duel wielding pistols which could turn into short blades called kusarigama. She's quite skilled in both types of weapons, casually flinging around blasting Grimm and slicing anyone who's dumb enough to get in her way. She also shows a later ability to grab people with chains and pull them closer to get the kill. She could easily battle against Grimm and even Coco Adel, who beat Grimm to death with a goddamn suitcase and a large mini gun. This shows she is extremely stealthy being able to pick out her opponents by getting into their blind spots. Anyway, her Semblance is casting individual hallucinations. She used this at many occasions like when Mercury lost against Yang and Emerald made it look like Mercury got up and attacked and Yang had to fight back and supposedly breaking his leg while Mercury didn't get up or attack at all. She also used it to lead Amber into a trap by making a crying little girl appear. This might seem overpowered but it really isn't. She can only focus on one mind at a time. If she focuses on more, she'd get headaches and possibly faint. Emerald is a force to be reckoned with. She's a master thief and manipulator of minds. She literally was under Ozpin's nose and Ozpin, or anyone for that matter, never caught her. However, she does have her flaws. Her Semblance would weaken and even incapacitate her if she pushed it too far. She's also way too overconfident and tries too hard. Overall, Emerald is a agile and skilled combatant. She specializes in manipulating illusions and luring people in before taking the kill however she's very overconfident and if her Semblance is pushed too far, it will incapacitate her and make her fatigued.

And the winner is Reaper.

Whoop de goddamn do, Edgelord wins. As much as I hate to do this, Reaper is victorious for a number of reasons. First off, experience. The numbers don't lie. Reaper is over 50 years old and tangled with far more powerful foes with different varieties of opponents, while Emerald had to face only a few unique fighters like suitcase girl and G.I Joe Ninja with a awesome name I actually can't pronounce. Other than that though, it's usually Team RWBY, Team JNPR, and Grimm. And while standing up to them is amazing in its own right, Reaper faced them more times than explosions go off in a Bay Film. Now durability. Sure they are humans and tanked their fair share of damage so let's look at their healing factors. Emerald's Aura would help. But Reaper could heal far more constantly regenerating from wounds far more effectively, while the Aura has only been shown to heal minor wounds. Strength wise, Emerald takes the cake. She is a more physical combatant and her kusarigamas are great in hand to hand combat while Reaper only uses his Shotguns to destroy things. Emerald also triumphs in skill, flinging around the battle field. That would have been a good edge if Edgelord didn't face off of Tracer before, a hit runner that moves faster than the blink of an eye. Yes, Emerald's Semblance should help her distract Reaper, but Reaper is merciless. Little girls, allies, it doesn't really matter. Sure, when it came to strength and skill, Emerald takes the booby trapped cake, but when it comes to speed, durability, intelligence and experience, Reaper is in a league that not even new dogs can get up to. The winner is Reaper.

If you want to see a rematch with Tracer and Reaper against Ruby and Emerald, just comment in all CAPS 'REMATCH'. If this post gets 20 rematch comments there will be a rematch.

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