Media Showdown Episode 16

Welcome back to Media Showdown. I'm your host and let's get right into the fight. Tonight we have the robots programmed to protect and help, Orisa and Baymax. With all this being said, let's get right into the characters.

Baymax was designed by Tadashi Hamada, who was the older brother of Hiro Hamada. He was originally programmed to help others when it came to medical care. It was in his programming after all. But one day, tragedy struck. Tadashi rushed into a burning building to rescue Robert Callaghan, and that building exploded. Depressed, Hiro stayed in his room and accidentally actived Baymax. He didn't know what to do about him at first but then saw Yokai, which is Callaghan hellbent on revenge, he suited up a group of friends and Baymax and help stop the plans of Yokai. Baymax is programmed to lift over 1,000 pounds and process a lot of info, 10,000 medical procedures and equipment to be exact. He has defibrillators in his hands, antibacterial spray in his finger, and even can literally heat up his temperature. But that's not important though. He is a master martial artist and learned ninja skills. Baymax's true power lies in his 2.0 armor, which boosts his speed, strength, and durability. Baymax also is armed with rocket fists, which can smash past walls. He is also armed with thrusters which allows to move him at fast speeds. To be exact, the bridge they reached the top of can be scaled to the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is 746 feet and Baymax flew all the way to the top in only 5 seconds. With this I found out he can fly over 102 miles per hour with his thrusters. He also could effortlessly destroy multiple metal beams. To do that requires 20 tons of force. With his friends he tangled with Yokai more than once. He also is extremely durable. Don't believe me? Well, he tanked a building size piece of debris and was still in one piece despite being made of vinyl. Can't say the same for that sweet 2.0 armor. However, he isn't perfect. Despite being intelligent, he's naïve and could be manipulated easily. Also, vinyl. He could be ripped apart without his 2.0 armor with ease. Also, he is a robot. He could run out of fuel and then he can't think straight or attack properly. Even though he isn't afraid of hurting people, he won't kill due to his programming. Overall, Baymax is a robot who would protect the city at any cost. While he's naïve and inexperienced, he's a great asset to Big Hero 6.

Moving along, let's discuss Orisa. Orisa was originally a robot patrolling the borders of Numbani. They then faced Doomfist and got their crap kicked out of them. An 11 year old girl, Efi Oladele, rebuilt one destroyed robot and thus, Orisa was born. Orisa was confused at first, but then accepted its new role. It's equipped with her Fusion Driver, which is like a laser mini-gun. It can also use Halt, which pull enemies in for a graviton charge and pulls them together before it detonates. It could also use Fortify, which decreases the damage dealt. It could also summon a Protective Barrier, which is like a giant force field. She also uses Supercharger (for the record not the Skylanders game. It's Orisa's ultimate). It increases its opponent's damage taken by 50%. She could easily match up with many characters in the tank category and is probably the most mobile of the category. It was also built to stand up to Doomfist and while not as powerful as Doomfist, it's close. It could stop speeding cars and match up with Overwatch's heavy hitters like Winston. However, Orisa has its weaknesses. It's only a month old and has much to learn. She also only has 200 health points which is pathetic considering what category it's in. (Tank). Overall, Orisa earned its role as border protector of Numbani. While she is young, she's a skilled fighter and important asset to the Overwatch group

Man, I suck balls when I did previous episodes. Now I'm switching to a post analyst where I list every stat and see who has the advantage.


Baymax: 102 mph
Orisa: 30 mph

Now comparing the stats, Baymax is easily faster than Orisa. Orisa never shown anything as fast as Baymax. We've only seen its potential. Baymax, on the other hand, flew all the way to the top of a bridge compared to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is 746 feet, in only 5 seconds. Do some calculations and we see that Baymax is at least 3 times faster which is still a big downside.

Baymax: 40,000 pounds
Orisa: 222,500 tons

For this it depends how you look at it. You could do striking strength or lifting strength. It doesn't matter though since Orisa beats Baymax in both categories. When lifting strength applies, Baymax can lift 1,000 pounds. However, Orisa can scale to Doomfist, making its strength 222,500 tons, 445,000 times stronger than Baymax. In striking strength, Orisa still scales to Doomfist, so it still can deal 222,500 tons of force. However, Baymax only can deal 20 tons of force. Orisa's still 11,125 times stronger than Baymax. Baymax stands no chance in the strength factor.

Baymax: Power- 40,000 pounds
Durability- 222,500 tons
Orisa: Power- 222,500 tons
Durability- < 222,500 tons

When it comes to power it's the exact same as the strength category. Baymax is still 11,125 times weaker than Orisa. However, Baymax is more durable. Both did encounter building destroying power before, but Baymax tanked it and lived while the same strength broke Orisa down. All in all when it comes to destructive capability Orisa utterly destroys Baymax, but when it came to durability Baymax is slightly more durable.


Baymax does hold the advantage in intelligence. He knows over 10,000 medical procedures while Orisa never shown this level of intellect. However, Orisa holds the experience advantage. Baymax always is with Hiro or with the Big Hero 6, but Orisa usually works alone in Numbani. Orisa isn't as smart as Baymax, but she definitely holds more experience.


This was actually tough. Baymax held the speed, durability, and intelligence edge, while Orisa held the strength, power, and experience edge. So to see who the winner is, I had to look how much of an edge that each holds. When that happens, Orisa wins by a land slide. Orisa is 11,125 times stronger and more powerful than Baymax. Baymax is only 3 times faster and slightly more durable. You don't have to get an extra brain to tell 11,125 is much bigger than 3. And let's say that Baymax is 10,000 times smarter. That's still not big enough to compete with Orisa. This makes the winner Orisa.

Now if you want to see a rematch with Baymax and Yokai against Orisa and Doomfist, Comment down rematch. If we reach 10 comments, there will be a rematch.

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