Media Showdown Episode 17

Welcome to Media Showdown. I'm your host, Ultron123. And let's get right in the fight. Tonight's battle is between Polygon Man and Master Hand. Let's do this.

Polygon Man first appeared in E3 1995 and was meant to be the mascot for the PlayStation franchise. However, he was rejected by Ken Kutaragi. Throughout his years of banishment, he grew to an all power, evil, solar system level of power, for some strange reason. But hey, it's that or losing everything soooooo…Anyway, he could transform into many stages to try and kill his enemies, like the Hades stage or the Iron Maiden stage. He could also summon in Polygonal All-Stars, basically more powerful clones of all the characters that tried to defeat Polygon Man but failed. He also could smash the stage with the top of his head and also can manipulate lasers, plasma and force fields to use for offense abilities and defensive abilities. He also can warp reality to any extent he pleases. However, he has a least common denominator. He's cocky, arrogant and constantly holds his power down to amuse himself. He constantly underestimates his enemies and that could be dangerous. Overall, Polygon Man is a force to be reckoned with. He has reality warping levels of power but he's arrogant and holds his power back to amuse himself.

From one weird looking, evil, powerful being to another, we have Master Hand. Master Hand's purposes are unknown and we've yet to see his purpose. Despite his unknown origin, he still holds strong as the final boss of Super Smash Bros. Even though he's a shape of a hand he uses this to his advantage, slapping people, shooting lasers and bullets from the tip off his fingers, punching, grabbing, and flying. He can also fly through galaxies making him massively faster than light. He could also warp reality and create stages for his twisted game. He is easily comparable to Bowser and Wario's strength, both of which are strong enough to escape black hole gravity. He could also use fire, ice, and electricity to help him in battle. He could also create Shadow Clones. But his real power comes from his Master Core form. In this form he could transform into different forms, like Master Giant or Master Fortress. The dude isn't perfect though. He holds back his power and tries to give his opponents a battling chance. Overall, Master Hand is an extremely powerful combatant, but he holds back his power against enemies, leaving him extremely vulnerable.

Now the post analysis.


Polygon Man: 3 times FTL (Faster Than Light)
Master Hand: MFTL (Massively Faster Than Light)

Master Hand was shown to fly through multiple galaxies in a few minutes. This makes Master Hand massively faster than light. Polygon Man scales and surpasses Kratos, who can dodge lightning, making him 3 times faster than the speed of light. Even if I low balled Master Hand and high balled Polygon Man, Polygon Man still stands no chance. We don't know Master Hand's true speed yet but traveling galaxies in a matter of minutes is far more impressive than Polygon Man's scaling to Kratos.


Polygon Man: 1 Earth
Master Hand: 1.3 Million Earths

Master Hand's strength and Polygon Man's strength are both unknown so let's scale them. Master Hand is in par with Wario and Bowser. Wario is so strong he can escape black hole gravity and Bowser is even stronger than that. This makes Master Hand the strength of a black hole or 1.3 Million Earths. Polygon Man scales to Sackboy, who can lift planets making his strength 6 sextillion tons. And the difference is clear, Polygon Man is 1.3 million times weaker than Master Hand, and this gives Master Hand the advantage.

Polygon Man: Power- Solar System
Durability- 1 Earth
Master Hand: Power- Solar System
Durability- 1.3 Million Earths

When it comes to all in all destructive capability, both are evenly matched. Both created the world that their enemies reside in and can tear it apart easily. However, when it comes to durability, Master Hand is still 1.3 Million times stronger than Polygon Man, since Master Hand can withstand black hole gravity. Polygon Man can only withstand hits from Sackboy, who was also strong enough to lift planets. Both are tied in power but Master Hand holds a spot in durability.

Neither are tactical geniuses nor do they display massive amounts of experience. What we do know is that both know a great deal and that they are cocky, arrogant and constantly hold back their power. Thus both tie in intelligence and experience.


Now this was an obvious one. Polygon Man holds no advantages and at best he can only tie in some categories. Master Hand is many times faster, 1.3 Million times stronger and more durable. This wasn't even hard to figure out. The winner is Master Hand.

Now if you want to see a war with the SSB cast and the PSAS cast, just comment down 'rematch'. If this post gets 10 comments, there will be a rematch.

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