Media Showdown Episode 19

Hello, everyone. I'm Ultron123 and if you aren't familiar with this concept, check out Episode 1, but if you know how this is played, let's get right into the fight. Tonight's fight is between giant robots, the Megazord and Optimus Prime. Now for Optimus, each continuity is vastly different, so we are only sticking to G1 Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime wasn't always Optimus Prime. He was Orion Pax, a clerk that sold cargo space. One day, he met Megatron, who pretended to be a customer that was looking for cargo space. (Keep in mind that Orion and his friends thought Decepticons were myths and didn't exist). Once he got into the storage house, though, Megatron executed Orion. Orion was rushed to Alpha Trion, who fixed Orion and gave him the Matrix of Leadership and thus created Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is a powerhouse. He holds his Ion Blaster which can casually shoot through most Decepticons and can even match the power of Megatron's black hole cannon. Before you shrug it off, need I remind you I said "black holes"? You know, the ones that suck in light? Anyway, he also has his Energon Axe, which can slice through Decepticons like paper. He's also quite strong. Once he lifted a fully loaded cargo ship, which weigh about 600,000 tons. And that didn't even use any effort at all. He also can destroy planets. Don't believe me? Well, once Megatron survived a planet busting explosion and he was unfazed and unharmed. However, Optimus had been seen dishing out far worse attacks to Megatron. Also, Optimus can wield the Star Saber, which can slice through mountains. But that's not even half of his arsenal. If things get rough, he puts on his Power Master armor, which increases his durability ten fold. And to be blunt, his regular armor can survive the epicenter of black holes, basically having a star going supernova right up your mouth and nostrils. Optimus also can move faster than light, being able to keep up Megatron's faster than light Luminal Space Drive. However, they all get out to shame when Optimus uses the Matrix. The Matrix allows him to warp time, space, and reality and it allows him to withstand getting hacked or killed. Yes, he will get revived every time he dies. However, he has his weaknesses. He can die permanently if his Matrix senses a herald that is worthy of being a Prime. Also, Optimus is noble, fair and never fights dirty. He'll try to give his opponents a chance to fight back or to redeem themselves and that led him into a bind more than once.

From giant robot that transforms we move on to a giant robot who's made of 5 power rangers. I'm not going to list all the Power Rangers because we only need the Megazord here. The Megazord is a beast. He can move at 75 miles per hour and is a physical powerhouse. He's equipped with the Power Sword, which literally falls down from the sky nearby. I have no idea how they don't accidentally impale themselves when that happens but does it really matter? The Power Sword allows him to also redirect energy if it's low enough. Also, the Megazord also can use the Mastodon Shield, which can reflect laser fire and impalement. He also punched a monster that weighs roughly 10,000 pounds 133 feet into the air. A feat requiring 1,013 tons of force. But what kind of robot would be powerful without lasers. The Megazord can shoot lasers from its eyes, horns, basically anywhere. But despite all that, the Megazord's not perfect. He is slow as hell. Jesus, can he at least pretend he's trying to dodge attacks? Also, when the Power Rangers least expect, the Megazord runs out of energy, leaving them utterly screwed.

Post Analysis:


Optimus Prime: MFTL (Massively Faster Than Light)
Megazord: 75 MPH

Okay, how is this even a competition? With his flight ability, (oh yeah, he can fly. Did I forget to mention that?) he can keep up with Megatron's Luminal Space Drive which can travel to galaxies in a matter of minutes. Even if we high ball the Power Rangers, they are still 8,941,536 times slower than Optimus. And that's a huge disadvantage.


Optimus Prime: 600,000 tons
Megazord: 5 tons

I know. You want to give the Power Rangers the strength advantage but believe it or not, Optimus is way stronger. He casually can lift and flip a fully loaded cargo ship. A fully loaded cargo ship can weigh at least 600,000 tons. The Megazord can lift and throw a 10,000 pound monster. Optimus is still triumphant being 120,000 times stronger. Still huge downside.


Optimus Prime: Power: 6 sextillion tons
Durability: 1.3 Million Earths

Megazord: Power: 6 sextillion tons
Durability: 6 sextillion tons

Okay. This is hopeless for the Megazord. When it comes to power, both can fight beings that destroy Earth. (God I'm downplaying Optimus so the Megazord has a chance) However, Optimus survived the epicenter of a black hole before, while the Megazord never survived something at that level of power. Later in Power Rangers, they upgraded to the Thunder Megazord, which is said to be better than the Megazord in every way. However, when they faced Serpenterra, who at his full power can destroy planets, one shot destroyed the Thunder Megazord, and that wasn't even Serpenterra's full power. Even if I downplay Optimus and high ball the Megazord, Optimus is still more durable.


This is the point where things really get unfair. Tell me. Who would be smarter and more experience? A group of teens or a robot that fought for hundreds of thousands of years? Case closed.


The Megazord doesn't stand a chance against Optimus. Optimus is better in every way possible. Let's break it down. He's 8,941,536 faster, 120,000 stronger, 1.3 Million times more durable and so much smarter. This was a god stomp for Optimus Prime.

Now for Optimus, continuity is everything so if you want to see the Aligned Optimus against the Megazord, without the Matrix, let me know and I'll do it.

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