Top 10 Greatest Cartoon Network Blocks of All Time

Here are some of the greatest blocks that has aired on Cartoon Network over the years.

The Top Ten

1 Toonami

Toonami was so awesome! It aired a buttload of action cartoons. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

2 Cartoon Cartoon Fridays

I loved CCF! This block was so awesome, that I was so upset that Cartoon Network had to take it down. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

3 [adult swim]

Thank god [adult swim] is still running. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

4 The Cartoon Network Christmas Party

I loved to see this every Christmas. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

5 Miguzi

My favorite show here was Code Lyoko. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

6 May Movie Month

I loved this movie block. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

7 Shocktober

Cartoon Network, you gotta bring this back! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

8 Cartoon Planet

Bring this back. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

9 Cartoon Network Theatre

This beats Movie Madness and Flicks by a longshot. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

10 Super Chunk

I miss this block. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The Contenders

11 Flicks

When they played a lot of movies - Jonerman

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Top Remixes

1. Cartoon Cartoon Fridays
2. Toonami
3. [adult swim]
1. Toonami
2. [adult swim]
3. Miguzi
1. Cartoon Cartoon Fridays
2. Toonami
3. Cartoon Planet


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