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1 Mordecai and Margaret

It would be higher but she did leave him.

Too bad that Marge left him, and got replaced by CJ. Oh wait, I don't care. - TheRegular1227

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2 Beastboy and Raven

They have an awesome relationship but to bad they weren't a couple in the 2003-2006 show. Plus I really don't like Terra and beastboy. Sorry Terra and beastboy fans.

AH this needs to be number one! One of the longest couples on this list counting comics!

I totally agree


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3 Eileen and Rigby
4 Robin and Starfire

So adorable and even though they each deal with deep issues they both genuinely care for each other and their love is so cute and pure and screw it but I really want the OG show to come back

How are they not number 1

They share real stuff- maybe not always realistic stuff! But REAL felings.

5 Young Princess Bubblegum and Finn
6 Lazlo and Patsy
7 Cyborg and Jinx
8 Aqualad and Raven
9 Fionna and Marshall Lee
10 Gumball and Penny

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11 Steven and Connie

Either this or Robin and starfire is my favorite Cartoon Network ship and where is numbuh 3 and numbuh 4?

Yass! No denying

12 Wally and Kuki

I absolutely adore this couple. There just to cute not to love!


13 Gwen and Kevin


14 Princess Bubblegum and Prince Gumball

I'm never a big fan of Gender-swapped version, PB deserves Finn's heart. - 05yusuf09

I honestly like GB ships I can live with it

15 Darwin and Carrie

Darwin did kiss her on the lips on the Halloween episode.

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16 Duncan and Courtney
17 Kid Flash and Artemis (Young Justice)


18 Nicole and Richard
19 Beatrice and Wirt

They are so cute! I am reading this fanfiction and it is so adorable that I thought I was going to explode if I read any more of this beautiful fanfiction. My family is still cleaning the rest of me off of the wall. LOL

Infinite eyerolls is the best couple I have ever heard of! And I ship Finnceline!

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20 Dexter and Blossom

There cute together

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