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1 Eileen and Rigby
2 Gumball and Penny

There perfect together despite Gumball being shorter

They have always both loved each other

They're one of the cutest couples yet bc ik they're meant to be together forever

I never get tired of them

3 Mordecai and Margaret

Mordecai and Margaret were a terrific couple. Not just because they're birds, and the fact their names start with M, but they were truly in love with each other. Almost every episode that featured them in the third and fourth seasons had an ending that was so heartwarming. Here's all their moments together:

Going camping in Camping Can Be Cool
Mordecai's sweet song about her in Butt-Dial
Dancing together on Margaret's birthday in Access Denied
Margaret saying how brave Mordecai is in Death Bear
Almost having a perfect kiss in Bad Kiss
Dancing together during her party in TGI Tuesday
Kissing each other goodbye at the airport in Picking Up Margaret
Kissing under the meteor shower in Meteor Moves
Mordecai and Frank (Margaret's dad) gaining each other's approval in Family BBQ
Having a dating montage at the beginning of Steak Me Amadeus

It would be higher but she did leave him.

It's So nice when there're together!

4 Robin and Starfire

They're the cutest couple in cartoon network history, I love those 2 always have and always will

Robin and Starfire are the best couple of the whole cartoons

They share real stuff- maybe not always realistic stuff! But REAL felings.

How are they not number 1

5 Steven and Connie

Either this or Robin and starfire is my favorite Cartoon Network ship and where is numbuh 3 and numbuh 4?

I couldn't wait until they were shipped

Yass! No denying

6 Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4

I mean ofc they r on the TopTens! They were so good together and it was adorable how she didn't realise it. ( If I'm wrong please correct ) he rlly liked her from the start aww.

I think they're cute together, even though they're just kids but still they're cute no matter what

They have always been my fav.

They were the 1st ship which I supported and is still counting on themā¤

7 Beastboy and Raven

They have an awesome relationship but to bad they weren't a couple in the 2003-2006 show. Plus I really don't like Terra and beastboy. Sorry Terra and beastboy fans.

I love these two, they're just adorable together when he tries to make her laugh but her attitude towards his corny jokes is why they should be together since they both liked each other but haven't told each other how they felt

AH this needs to be number one! One of the longest couples on this list counting comics!

BBRAE is forever their relationship stood the test of time

8 Lazlo and Patsy

I just think it's funny how lazlo didn't know patsy had a crush on him, they're just adorable since lazlo sometimes doesn't think straight and tries to follow her dad's rules

9 Duncan and Courtney
10 Nicole and Richard

The dynamic is epic

They are married

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11 Lance and Core
12 Ruby and Sapphire

This is basically canon

13 Darwin and Carrie

I love this couple 100%, they're like an idol bc I knew they were gonna be a couple by how strong the friendship was between them and then it sparked them after Darwin kissed her at the Halloween party

Darwin did kiss her on the lips on the Halloween episode.

OTP, Carrie starts as a pessimist, and Darwin fixes that.

Well they did kiss.

14 Princess Bubblegum & Marceline (Bubbline)

Do they become a couple in the finale?


15 Kid Flash and Artemis (Young Justice)
16 Young Princess Bubblegum and Finn

Just so good

17 Fionna and Marshall Lee
18 Beatrice and Wirt

They are so cute! I am reading this fanfiction and it is so adorable that I thought I was going to explode if I read any more of this beautiful fanfiction. My family is still cleaning the rest of me off of the wall. LOL

Infinite eyerolls is the best couple I have ever heard of! And I ship Finnceline!

They would be so cute!

I love this couple!

19 Finn and Marceline

I always loved that match especially their gender swaps fionna and Marshall Lee

YES! Finnceline lives! This is completely of topic, but totally look up evil pinkie pie Vs main 5 smile HD on YouTube!

Oh my glob! They would be so cute!

I love this couples!

20 Jake and Lady
21 Wally and Kuki

Still the same characters as numbuh 3 and 4, I still think they're cute together

I absolutely adore this couple. There just to cute not to love!

22 Cyborg and Jinx

Superhero x villains, love it

23 Gwen and Kevin

Only da best


24 Aqualad and Raven
25 Dr. Fox and Hawkodile

Hawkodile has a crush on Dr. Fox, which is shown throughout the series. He tries to hide his feelings but, makes it obvious to the viewers. Dr. Fox mainly sees Hawkodile as a friend but she's oblivious to Hawkodile's obvious crush on her.

Long story short, they're a good, no, one of the greatest and cutest couples on CN cause they care for each other and because they've had some cute moments together and who knows? Maybe Dr. Fox has a crush on Hawkodile too!

What can I say, opposites attract

I love them, I want them to end up being together

They're so cute together!
Also, they got canon at the final episode of Unikitty! (Along with Frock) sooo yiiiieeeeeeee

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