Top Ten Cartoon Network Couples

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1 Eileen and Rigby
2 Gumball and Penny

More better!

3 Robin and Starfire

So adorable and even though they each deal with deep issues they both genuinely care for each other and their love is so cute and pure and screw it but I really want the OG show to come back

How are they not number 1

They share real stuff- maybe not always realistic stuff! But REAL felings.

4 Steven and Connie

Either this or Robin and starfire is my favorite Cartoon Network ship and where is numbuh 3 and numbuh 4?

Yass! No denying

5 Lazlo and Patsy
6 Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4
7 Mordecai and Margaret

It would be higher but she did leave him.

It's So nice when there're together! - JandS3000

Too bad that Marge left him, and got replaced by CJ. Oh wait, I don't care. - TheRegular1227

8 Beastboy and Raven

They have an awesome relationship but to bad they weren't a couple in the 2003-2006 show. Plus I really don't like Terra and beastboy. Sorry Terra and beastboy fans.

AH this needs to be number one! One of the longest couples on this list counting comics!

I totally agree


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9 Duncan and Courtney
10 Lance and Core

The Newcomers

? Ed and May Kanker

The Contenders

11 Nicole and Richard
12 Fionna and Marshall Lee
13 Darwin and Carrie

Darwin did kiss her on the lips on the Halloween episode.



14 Finn and Marceline

Oh my glob! They would be so cute!

I always loved that match especially their gender swaps fionna and Marshall Lee

That is so cute!

Bruhh, I think they are the perfect couple. For me, Flame Princess and PB always fight for him. They don't realize that his over them, and wants Marcy. And plus, I noticed that Marceline is the first person to kiss Finn. If you have the first season, you'll find out. I also like drawing fanfics about them. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND YOU KNOW IT! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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15 Wally and Kuki

I absolutely adore this couple. There just to cute not to love!


16 Young Princess Bubblegum and Finn
17 Beatrice and Wirt

They would be so cute!

I love this couple!

I love these guys!

They are so cute! I am reading this fanfiction and it is so adorable that I thought I was going to explode if I read any more of this beautiful fanfiction. My family is still cleaning the rest of me off of the wall. LOL

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18 Mordecai and C.J.

In my opinion better than Margaret and mordecai no hard feelings ^_^

19 Cyborg and Jinx
20 Gwen and Kevin


21 Princess Bubblegum & Marceline (Bubbline)
22 Ruby and Sapphire Ruby and Sapphire

This is basically canon

23 Princess Bubblegum and Prince Gumball

I'm never a big fan of Gender-swapped version, PB deserves Finn's heart. - 05yusuf09

I honestly like GB ships I can live with it

24 Aqualad and Raven
25 Kid Flash and Artemis (Young Justice)


26 Finn and Flame Princess

How can this be below Finn x Marceline? They're an actual couple! Or at least they were... T_T

This garbage removed from the list, Finn and Phoebe looks like two mindless dumbs, as if SpongBob and Patrick. - 05yusuf09

27 Dexter and Blossom

There cute together

28 Simon Petricov and Betty
29 Heather and Alejandro
30 Wirt and Beatrice
31 Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun

Love this couple, they are deserves to be together than Finn x FP. - 05yusuf09

32 Darwin and Rachel
33 Zatch and Tia

I hate how almost no one remembers this show!

34 Kim and Ron
35 Ben Tennyson and Julie Yamamoto

Actually they should continue they love but they got a break up

36 Beast Boy and Terra
37 Superboy and Miss Martian
38 Nightwing and Zatanna
39 Kid Flash and Jinx
40 Gumball and Carrie
41 Cyborg and Starfire
42 Huntress Wizard and Finn
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1. Eileen and Rigby
2. Gumball and Penny
3. Robin and Starfire
1. Eileen and Rigby
2. Gumball and Penny
3. Robin and Starfire
1. Beastboy and Raven
2. Mordecai and Margaret
3. Eileen and Rigby


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