Hidden Gems #27 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (The Video game)

htoutlaws2012 Cartoon Network for the most part were very okay not nearly bad as among others, but today's game is a big exception being The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy for the PlayStation 2, and Wii. The game is pretty much about based on the TV show, and its a fighting game you can play up to 2 players in this case I got for the Playstation 2 well I rather with the better controller arguably. Oh there is the Gamecube, and its also a solid choice, but the PS2 was still a big boomer so I went there as the Gamecube was slowly thinning out when the original Xbox moved on from the 360. Enough back story let's just get into the game shall we?

(Starts up the game)

The general game: Like I said though it consists of 2 player only, and in the menu you have tutorial, Story, Vs, Mission, Options, and Extras. I immediately played the story mode, and I was very surprised how fast it was to complete just one single character in this case I chose Grim, and every single cutscene is the same over, and over. What is the reward exactly well you unlock new attire for that character. You have a total of 15 characters plus 5 secondary characters your most likely not going to use. Hey here's some interesting trivia Weird Al Yankovic is the game announcer I was like really that's not what I remember, but just so you know I threw it out there because I was not aware back then. The gameplay is pretty much survive to the death rather its with co-op or a 4 player battle, and you must be the last one standing. You collect Mojo balls which are important, and a mass amount of weapons from axes, to glass shooting they puled out all the stops. Once every body is down to zero lives then is the time to finish him with a combo of buttons you must hit immediately it gets tougher in mission mode. As you progress onward, and start to master the game is a true testament how good you are at responding to what the game gives you. Another thing about this game is as you keep pressing the attack suddenly sucks you out of that first stage fight then now summoned into a new location two more times at the least.

Verdict: This game is at least above most of the other Cartoon Network's video game lineup which says very much. This game can keep you busy in terms of unlocking new characters, and other bonus content. Its definitely one license game I say go for it if you love the show. 7 out of 10


The GameBoy port was just a generic side-scrolling beat-em-up, but the console versions are certainly worth praising. I don't have the game myself, but I've seen videos of it on YouTube, and I honestly never thought a Cartoon Network licensed video game could be as good as having your favorite Billy & Mandy characters beat the sap out of everyone. Not something I would play on a consistent basis, but aside from unlocking content, it's a nice title to have if you're really into Billy & Mandy or you feel like playing it during the Halloween season. - ModernSpongeBobSucks