Top Ten Cartoon and Video Game Character Theories That Aren't True

Ever wonder if a nuclear blast made Spongebob? Or if Phineas is that evil doctor's son? Well here, I'll tell you why there impossible!

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1 A Nuclear Blast Made SpongeBob

Nope. 3 people prove this impossible. Spongebuck, Pecos Patrick, and Hopalong Tentacles. They are deformed in 1892! Sorry, you're wrong, you can call this possible, but you'd be lying to yourself! Not convinced? Think the SpongeBob calendar is slower than ours? Well how about Spongegar, Patar, and Sqoug. They are alive in 1,000,000 B.C dammit!

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2 Timmy Turner is Eternal

Today Timmy is 14 and still has god parents, and 14 years is only how long the the shows been going. So many believe Timmy is eternal. One problem. Each episode is one week, and there are 158 episodes, and wasn't Timmy, 9? He's got some time left before I'm stupid! (Don't make me dumb Timmy! )

3 Tarzan is Elsa's Brother

Tarzan is set in the 1800s and Frozen is set in the 1200s. It just ain't gonna happen

4 Luigi x Roselina

A more convincing theory I couldn't debunk( and I'm good at that) says Roselina is Luigi's daughter so...

5 Luigi x Daisy

They only meet in spin off games! Mario met her first in Mario land for the gameboy.

6 SpongeBob x Patrick

One thing says SpongeBob ain't gay, and that's the fact he shows many affections for Sandy.

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7 Phineas is Son of That Science Guy

The science guy dates Phineas' mum once!

8 The Pixar Theory

There's so many problems with this just watch the video: Pixar theory debunked.

9 Sans is Ness

Even though Undertale is inspired by Earthbound, this is still not true.

10 Rick and Morty and Doc and Marty Are the Same

No, rather Doc and Marty are Rick and Morty's dimensional counterparts witch failed to get in on the action.

Wouldn't that technically mean they are? You know what, dimensions always hurt my head, forget what I said

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11 Blaze the Cat is the Long Lost Debunked Love Interest of Felix the Cat or Any Other Classic Cartoon Character

Not true. Blaze is just a video game character from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise starting with Sonic Rush. She never appeared in any cartoons, and never met any (classic or famous) cartoon characters.

Did Connor Banjoper make this up? - TwilightKitsune


12 Every Fictional Hero, Heroine and Their Sidekicks Have an Alliance With Simba and the Rest of the Pridelanders from the Lion King and the Lion Guard

Never going to happen.

13 Waluigi is Wario's Conscience

One problem: waluigi is very much real!

14 Knuckles x Rouge is Canon, They Get Married at the End and Have an Echidna-Bat Baby

Not going to happen... Knuckles and Rouge are rivals. Rouge is just a flirt. Knux doesn't even like Rouge. It's obvious that Rouge just wants to steal the Master Emerald.

15 Fox McCloud and Simba Are the Same

Definitely not true. They never met, and they're 100% different and have no alliance with each other. Fox is a nice guy, and Simba is a brat.

16 Cream the Rabbit is In a Romantic Relationship, and Her Boyfriend is a Fox, Which is Either Tails or Fox McCloud

Wrong. Cream is six years old and too young for romance. (Same with Tails) Also, Fox already has a love interest (Fara in the comics or Krystal in the games), so pairing him with Cream is a major age gap and not right.

17 Daxter and Muk Are the Same As Timon

Not true. Daxter (from the Jak series of video games) is an 'ottsel', which is a fictional weasel/otter hybrid, and Muk (from the Balto movies) is a polar bear cub. They aren't meerkats like Timon is. Thus they are all different from one another. Stop comparing and crossing everything over with The Lion King... Geez.

18 The Mane Six Will End Up Marrying the Trains from the Thomas the Tank Engine Universe

Not going to happen.

Heck no! I don't care what the Pooh's Adventures crew thinks. It will never happen!

19 Fuli the Cheetah from the Lion Guard is Sonic's Love Interest, While Bunga is the Same As Sticks from Sonic Boom

Never! They don't know each other, they never met each other and pairing them up together is not right. TLG is a horrible show and should leave the Sonic series alone.

20 Balto is the Same As the Lion King

Not true. They may be both mid-1990's animated movies starring talking animals, but there are more differences than similarities. One is Disney while another is non-Disney, for starters... Balto is a nice guy who starts off as an outcast but gets recognized as a true hero later on when he runs for miles to get the medicine from Nome to back. Simba is a brat (as a kid) and a fierce authority figure (as an adult) who is told to forget his past by saying "Hakuna Matata" by his annoying, bug-eating and farting sidekicks. Jenna is secretly an action girl who saved Balto's life from being attacked by a grizzly bear. Nala is a wuss who never gets to fight Scar without Simba. These are just a few examples on why they're different from one another.

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