Top Ten Cartoon Video Games We Would Love to See

The Top Ten

1 Another Ed, Ed, and Eddy Game

There was a great game that I would love to see a sequel to and to me it was a great game - OneWayStreet

I enjoyed the one for the gamecube. So I wouldn't mind this. - nintendofan126

2 Another Simpsons Game
3 Another Fairly Odd Parents Game

I played the to on GameCube and they were great would love to play a new one on a new console - OneWayStreet

4 Another Family Guy Game

We had a lot of Simpsons games so we felt that this could have another game - OneWayStreet

5 Another Spongebob Game

Hopefully with the old SpongeBob personalities. - Turkeyasylum

There are like 30 so we don't really need one but it was fun playing all 30 so it would be fun to get a PS4 SpongeBob game - OneWayStreet

I'd prefer it to be a GOOD SB game, though. I found Robotic Revenge to be really mediocre and SpongeBob Heropants was flat-out boring. Hopefully they can get back to their surprisingly good 3-D platformers. - Garythesnail

6 Another South Park Game

Alright I love South Park best show ever to me this is at 6 because they already have another game coming out and South Park 10 the game is gone - OneWayStreet

It'd be hard to follow up to The Stick of Truth but they could pull it off. - Puga

The fractured but whole coming out is gonna be awesome I can already tell - OneWayStreet

It'd be funnier if they made one rated E... - Turkeyasylum

7 A Regular Show Game

I've thought about it and this seems to be sounding pretty good you could do the phone future person and you could do the dead animal bingo thing in an amount of time - OneWayStreet

They should make one that doesn't completely rip off Mario this time. - Garythesnail

They should make one for a home console, and not a hand held console. - nintendofan126

8 An Amazing World of Gumball Game

You could imagine mayhem in this game anywhere at school and home in the game would love to be dad mom Darwin gumball - OneWayStreet

A video game of the amazing world of gumball would be called trouble in elmore and gumball Darwin Nicole and the other good characters would be playable and it would 3d graphics

9 A Gravity Falls Game

I need it!

This happened - VideoGamefan5

That'd be so much fun! - HoH

10 A Good Rocko's Modern Life Game

The Contenders

11 A Total Drama Game

We need to see this - FanAnime

I'd personally like to see Total Drama parody popular video games because the whole premise of Total Drama parodies reality T.V.. Maybe a parody of Mario Party or Mario Kart would be fun. - Turkeyasylum

12 An Adventure Time Game

A lot of adventures against Ice king and marcelene and her dad and winning over princess gumball - OneWayStreet

13 A Friendship Is Magic Game
14 A Steven Universe Game
15 A Legend of Korra Game
16 An Archer Game
17 An Invader Zim Game
18 Star Wars Rebels Game
19 Another Teen Titans Game
20 Another Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi Game
21 A Sequel to Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers

TnJ: WotW is such an underrated game... - PerfectImpulseX

22 Beverly Hills Teens Beat’em
23 Courage's Mansion
24 Count Duckula: The Game

I'm surprised there weren't more Duckula games

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