Top Ten Cartoons that Could Be Created


The Top Ten

1 Flying Pig
2 The Day We Got a Lollipop
3 When I Was Your Age

About grandparents telling kids stories. It’d be. Great preschool show - blackflower

4 Kicker Backs
5 The Brits
6 Light and Dark
7 The Wall of Flowers
8 Chicko's Life
9 Chicken Feet
10 Hjthtjeyghgub

This is not even a word

The Newcomers

? Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers : The Animated Series

The Contenders

11 Baby Guardians of the Galaxy

Or Guardian Babies of The Galaxy

The Guardians as babies are under a care by a blue nanny, Yondu, while going on mischievous misadventures

A babyfied version spinoff of Guardians of the Galaxy

12 Hero ManChild
13 Cool Cat Show

A Looney Tune Spin off

14 Guardians of the Galaxy: Anime Series
15 Taz Babies

Babyfied version spinoff of Taz-Mania

16 Chuck E Cheese Show
17 Garfield Babies
18 Tiny Toon Babies

A babyfied version spinoff of Tiny Toon Adventures

19 Star Trek Babies
20 Baby Titans

A babyfied version spinoff of Teen Titans

21 Knight Rider: The Animated Series
22 Rubber Ducky Show
23 The Misadventures of Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking

A younger version spinoff of Outlaw Star

24 The Adventures of Cowboy Andy

Spinoff series of Cowboy Bebop

25 Lost n' Founds Babies

Based on Gallob's toy Lost n' Found (1989), when the animal babies are lost and alone and finds someone to love and care for them

26 Magic Diaper Babies and Pets

Cartoon based on Galoob's Magic Diaper Babies toys

27 Final Fantasy VII (Anime Series)
28 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers : The Anime Series
29 The Misadventures of Team Rocket

A Team Rocket spinoff of Pokemon

30 Trudy Walker: Poo Girl

A spin off of Koit Studio

31 Lil' Deadpool

Kid version spinoff of Deadpool from Marvel

32 Marvin Marvin: The Animated Series
33 The Itchy & Scratchy Show

Spinoff from The Simpsons

34 Marvel Super Babies
35 Troops of Beverly Hills: Animated Series
36 P.J. Funny Bunny Show

Spinoff of ABC's Weekend Special

37 The Avalanche Team

The A-Team parody spinoff of Final Fantasy 7

38 Yuffie The Materia Hunter (Anime)

Spinoff of Final Fantasy 7

39 Final Fantasy 7 Babies

A babyfied version spinoff off Final Fantasy 7

40 Trigun Babies (Younger Version Spin-off of Trigun)
41 C.E.C Babies

Babyfied version spinoff of Chuck E Cheese

42 Carl and Phil: Monkey Ninjas - The Series
43 Disney Hercules: Baby Hercules' life on Olympus

A spin off series where Hercules lives on Olympus as a baby

44 Deadpool: The Animated Series
45 Godzilla vs King Kong
46 Baby Mutant Ninja Turtles
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