Top 10 Cartoons That Went Downhill But Still Remained Good

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1 Regular Show Regular Show is an American animated television series created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network that premiered on September 6, 2010. The series revolves around the lives of two friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park.

I like the romance in the show but it began consuming the show in later seasons. I want to watch Regular Show not Degrassi! Luckily, the show has gone back to it's routs in season 7 while still developing the characters.

There's some good episodes but the repetitive plots (like the one the writers need to recycled such as Mordecai and Rigby breaking something and must fix it) and the romance dominate the show a lot for a bit and it hurts my perfect score. The last season will manage to make it up, though. - truespongebobfan

It changed because when they went to Space it got boring Season 1-5: Alright Season 6-8: Really boring. It just got less funny.

This show REALLY overstayed its welcome. It has WAY too many episodes for a Cartoon Network show. Yes, not as much as Adventure Time, but still! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

2 The Simpsons The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening that originally started on April 19, 1987 as shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show. It got its own series on December 17, 1989 and is still running as of 2019, making it the longest running animated sitcom. It is about a man named Homer more.

The Al Jean-era has its share of bad episodes ("Please Homer, Don't Hammer Em" comes to mind), but most of them are still decent at minimum. - KalloFox34

A Homer Simpson quote - I can just get up and change the channel.

I know a LOT of people would disagree with me on this one. While the modern episodes are nowhere near as good as the older ones, I think the show is still usually funny. To be fair, I didn't really grow with the Simpsons like most people.

Agreed. It's not what it used to be, but it's still watchable. - BKAllmighty

3 Phineas and Ferb Phineas and Ferb is an American animated comedy-musical television series. Originally broadcast as a one-episode preview on August 17, 2007 and again previewed on September 28, 2007, the series officially premiered on February 1, 2008 and ended on June 12, 2015 on Disney Channel, and follows Phineas more.

Several episodes of season 4 either stuck too close to the formula or tried too hard to be bizarre. However, it was still funny overall and didn't overstay it's welcome like certain other shows. You will be missed, Phineas and Ferb!

Phineas and Ferb set a good example that should be followed by other cartoons: end the show before it gets bad, keep it good, fresh, and fun! - LarkwingFlight

I guess it was still good when the formula was wearing thin. Season 4 did manage to balance it out a bit from what I saw. - truespongebobfan

This cartoon was good from the beginning to the end

4 Dexter's Laboratory Dexter's Laboratory is an American comic science fiction animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network, and the first of the network's Cartoon Cartoons. The show is about a kid scientist named Dexter that has a sister named Dee Dee that keeps breaking into his lab.

While more meh than actually good, the Chris Savino-era wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. Dexter's Wacky Races was awesome! - KalloFox34

While some episodes were bad, I think the later episodes also have a lot of really interesting and funny episodes.

At least post-Ego Trip (2001-2003) didn't suck at all...

Only the animation went bad. The show itself was still good.

5 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a children's animated fantasy television series developed by Lauren Faust, produced by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media Vancouver. Despite the target demographic of young girls, Friendship Is Magic has also gained a large following of older viewers, mainly young and more.

The first 5-6 seasons are good, but season 8 was atrocious and season 9 might be the worst season of any cartoon in history. MLP definitely did not remain good. - shadomatrix

Season 6 was incredibly underwhelming, but Season 7 is mostly a return to form. - KalloFox34

I know several people will disagree but I found season 5 underwhelming compared to the previous seasons. Sure, there were some AMAZING episodes (such as "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" and "Amending Fences"). However, there was too much fan pandering (even though I like Slice of Life), too many predictable plots, flanderization, lazier character designs, too many pop culture references, weaker humor, and rehashed ideas. It's good but it feels like a different show to me. We'll see how Season 6 plays out.

I Actually Think Seasons 5 And 6 Are Not That a Bad In My Opinion

6 Total Drama Total Drama is a Canadian animated comedy television series which is a homage and parody to the conventions commonly found in reality television.

The show's been really up and down since Island ended. For good seasons, watch World Tour or Revenge of the Island. - KalloFox34

Sigh. If only the producers would make another world tour. I think I can speak for a lot of total drama fans when I say it would make us so happy. INSTEAD THEY MADE ALL OF THEM INTO TODDLERS AND DITCHED ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE! I love this show, but WHAT KIND OF IDIOTS WOULD DO THAT?

I still don't understand why some of the seasons are hated so much. Besides, "Ridonculous Race" was one of the best seasons in years (even though it technically a spin-off).

I loved all of the seasons, but my favorite was All Stars. - listotaku17

7 Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo is an American animated television series created by Van Partible for Cartoon Network, and the second of the network's Cartoon Cartoons.

The last season was interesting to say the least. However, I still think it was really funny and felt more like the first season.

The first season is funnier

I'd actually say it got better as it went on. - KalloFox34

8 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an American animated television series created by Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network Studios.

This show went downhill around the 5th season when episodes were not that creative as the 1-4 season were great and really funny.sesons 5 and 6 are god but not as good.
some episodes in seasons 5 and 6 are prety funy and god but some episodes...MEH

9 The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The main characters of this show are Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The show is about the Professor Utonium creating three little superhero girls that save the day from villains. more.

The later seasons of the original Powerpuff Girls aren't as good as the earlier seasons, but I would still take them any day over the crappy new reboot. - Disneykid00

Lots of people don't like the later episodes but I think most of them were still really funny.

I will admit that the later seasons were a bit boring, but I still find the show enjoyable. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The later episodes are even more funnier than the older episodes. But I like the old episodes better for the action.

At least Chris Savino put more energy and effort into this show than Nick Jennings and Bob Boyle did. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

10 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by marine biologist and animator the late Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. SpongeBob is currently the most popular show on Nickelodeon, as well as the longest running show, running for 20 years, and is beginning its 12th season. more.

I'll pick SpongeBob, only because it did went downhill and got better again. Hope it stays that way. - truespongebobfan

It went downhill for many years, but I guess after the movie sequel it improved. - Skullkid755

It may have gone downhill-I personally don't believe that-but it never became BAD.

Well, it's better now than it was back when One Coarse Meal and A Pal For Gary aired. - lavashooter

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11 South Park South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. The show is about four boys, who are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, and their adventures in South Park, Colorado.
12 American Dad!

It's nowhere near as good now as it was when it was on FOX, but it's still better than what Family Guy has put out in the 2010s. - KalloFox34

Many people seem to dislike the newer seasons but I think the show is usually still hilarious. As much as I like Stan, I actually like how the show has started focusing on some of the other characters.

13 Steven Universe Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

Again, this is going to be a VERY controversial thing to add. I actually prefer the earlier episodes. I feel like the show now focuses too much on the drama and isn't very fun anymore. However, it's still very good.

I also enjoyed the earlier episodes too, but the storyline of it is just perfect now. - funnyuser

Um... EXCUSE ME?!?!?!? The episodes are better than ever now, and the plot is VERY developed!

Um, what are you talking about? For SU, it’s the other way around! Season 1a was a wreck, but now it’s an amazing series! The show started off, dare I say it: bad, but now it’s AMAZING! The plot is great too! The show started getting good after season 1b! And even today it’s great! Heck, have you seen Jungle Moon? It’s the latest episode and it’s so good! SU is better now than ever, so I disagree with this list since it started off bad but now it’s SPECTACULAR! Dang, SU is such a great series!

14 Adventure Time

This abomination has over stayed it's welcome, and constantly tries shoving it's themes down our throats. While many other Cartoon Network shows are being cancelled as of 2016, this one stubbornly clings on.

15 King Of The Hill King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels that ran from January 12, 1997 to May 6, 2010 on Fox.

It got worse from Season 9 onwards, but it was still a solid show to the end. - KalloFox34

16 Rocko's Modern Life Rocko's Modern Life is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray for Nickelodeon. The series centers on the surreal life of an anthropomorphic Australian-immigrant wallaby named Rocko as well as his friends: the gluttonous steer Heffer, the neurotic turtle Filburt, and Rocko's faithful more.

Season 4 felt a bit sloppy in the writing department at times, but it was still enjoyable. - truespongebobfan

Season 4 isn't as good as the other seasons, but it's still great. - KalloFox34

17 The Loud House The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic suburban everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, to which he survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. more.

Seems a little bit early to put this on the list. Season 2 may have a few bumps, but it still has some great episodes so far.

We'll just see and wait. - TLHRules

This went downhill?

18 Braceface Braceface is a Canadian/American animated series that aired on Teletoon in Canada, and on Disney Channel and ABC Family in the United States, as well as Fox Kids and then Pop Girl in the United Kingdom.

I hate this show...

19 The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.

This is the exception to this. Honestly, it started to suck more in the current season. Season 10 had so many problems, like the overuse of Crocker, the jokes being predictable and stupid, and the plots not being original. - truespongebobfan

Get this off the list the show is the downfall of nick - Tyoshi

Season 1-5: Epic
Season 6-8: Boring
Season 9-Horrid

20 Dragon Hunters
21 Rugrats Rugrats is an American animated television series created by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó and Paul Germain for Nickelodeon.

The post-cancellation episodes aren't as good as the ones from 1991-1994, but they're still watchable. - KalloFox34

I personally like the newer seasons even though they're not as good as the first three. Dil and Kimi are cute. - regularponyfan09

22 Skunk Fu!
23 The Ren & Stimpy Show The Ren & Stimpy Show, often simply referred to as Ren & Stimpy, is an American animated television series created by John Kricfalusi for Nickelodeon.
24 Hanazuki: Full Of Treasures
25 Family Guy Family Guy is an American adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Griffins, a family consisting of parents Peter (Idiotic Dad) and Lois (Nagging Wife), their children Meg (Socially Awkward Daughter) Chris (Idiotic Son), and Stewie more.

Not really. The later seasons have their share of gems (like "Extra Large Medium" or "And Then There Were Fewer"), but overall were still bad. - KalloFox34

26 Littlest Pet Shop Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise and cartoon series owned by Hasbro. The original toy series was produced by Kenner in the early 1990s.
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