Benjamin Griffey, better known by his stage name Casper, is a German rock musician, singer-songwriter and rapper of American descent born on September 25, 1982 who rose to massive national fame in Germany with the blockbuster album “XOXO” (2011), which received rave reviews by critics. Despite being raised with the English language, he is often noted for his complex and poetic lyrics, all of which are in Gernan. Rooted both in punk rock and hip hop, Casper’s musical style has been the subject of much debate. Most of his songs have hard rock outfits, rough vocals and rebellious, sociocritic and anthem-like lyrics usually associated with rock, while his monotonous chanting can best be described as rapping. Casper jokingly refers to his genre as “emo rap”, despite not having much in common with the emo genre. Topics of his songs include rebellion, the youth becoming more and more radical, suicide, breaking out of society, among others. Some of his best known songs include “Der Druck steigt”, “Auf und davon”, “Im Ascheregen” and “Michael X”. He is also part of the group Kinder des Zorns.

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