Top Ten Cat Family Battles

The Top Ten Cat Family Battles

1 Lion vs Tiger

It is true that lions and tigers don't get along very well. However, if they grow up together they can be friends. For example, Cameron and Zabu (male African Lion & female White Tiger)
Check their story on YouTube, if you want to see something really interesting. I love them both. Cameron seems so lazy and proud and Zabu is very frisky and playful. They are very close to each other, they grew up together, there is a strong bond between them. They are so cute together and they are still wild animals!

2 Tiger vs Jaguar
3 Leopard vs Jaguar
4 Lion vs Leopard
5 Jaguar vs Puma
6 Lion vs Jaguar
7 Lynx vs Bobcat
8 Margay vs Fishing Cat
9 Puma vs Snow Leopard
10 Cheetah vs Snow Leopard

The Contenders

11 Leopard vs Puma
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