Catchiest Maroon 5 Songs

The Top Ten Catchiest Maroon 5 Songs

1 Animals

Just Like Animals! Animals! Like Animals! Ohh - Oliversky

2 Moves Like Jagger


3 This Love
4 Sugar
5 Payphone
6 Maps
7 One More Night
8 What Lovers Do
9 Misery

This song is so catchy! It makes me wanna dance!

10 Wait

The Contenders

11 She Will Be Loved
12 Harder to Breathe
13 Won't Go Home Without You
14 Don't Wanna Know
15 Makes Me Wonder


It’s a great song, but it needs an edited version.

16 Sunday Morning
17 Girls Like You

Maroon 5 is my favorite band of all time! But my favorite Maroon 5 song is Don't Wanna Know (ft. Kendrick Lamar). But every other Maroon 5 song is #2. Every single one of them! I only chose this one because it was so low!

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