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1 Super Bass

Am I the only one who finds this a little cheesy? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Yo listen the last person who commented on this song at least get the spelling right!
but I love super bass.
one question, why is it that there are songs that nicki minaj is only featured in?

After almost 3 years I still can't get the chorus out of my head!

Excuse me you're a hell of a GUY! - Neonco31

2 Starships

I love this song! her voice was so pretty

"Starships were ment to fly hands up and touch the sky"
I literally killed the replay button!

3 Check It Out

O my god... Nicki minaj! She z solo super cool crazy!

4 Va Va Voom

First time I listened I said "if you want it I'm gonna be va va voom voom " the whole day. I hate her, but also Annoconda and beez in the trap are pretty catchy.

5 Beez In the Trap

I my gosh! This song is stuck in my head all the time! I beez in the trap b-beez in the trap, I beez in the trap b-beez in the trap. I can't get it out!

6 Where Them Girls At

I heard this song 90 times already and I still love it. - Krypta-the-Great-Dane

Nicki Minaj Is AMAAZING! - OK!
Lets rock the world! YOU RULE! YOUR THE BEST!

7 Anaconda

I love this song

I guarantee you can't listen to this song without screaming "MY ANACONDA don't WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HUN! " all the time

I don't get how this is catchy. It's about as catchy as Chris Brown's Deuces. - WonkeyDude98

It is the catchiest song of all if u love it or not I mean ANACONDA broke the vevo records!

8 Pound the Alarm

Just love dis song! It's superb and vry refershing

Catchy omgg - Luckys

I love this song!
Giuseppe Zanotti, my own sneaker

9 Your Love

Hell yes

10 Up Out My Face

I love how she says her name mariah - Luckys

The Contenders

11 The Night is Still Young

My favourite song ever. Slay on, Nicki!

12 Massive Attack

Creativity struck me through this song, I just knew minajesty is on the road to riches

13 Whip It

I've been trying to find this song since 2012! the only thing I could remember was something about a slippery car lmao

"Hey you jump in this ride it's real nice it's slippery inside, rise guy come get this pie, r-r-ride it, ride it style"

14 Right Thru Me
15 Pills N Potions

THE PINK PRINT I love this album I love Nicki and I'm a boy

Pills and potions... were overdosing...

16 Roman Reloaded
17 Stupid Hoe

Sadly. - allamassal

In this song nicki minaj repeatedly says "you a stupid hoe " :) she Evan sings it at one point of the song! If you hear it at least once I bet you'll be saying "you a stupid hoe " all day!

You stupid stupid, you stupid stupid. Lmao

Yo bubbles, go back to your habitat! I love this song and it is so catchy!

18 Roman Holiday


19 Did It On'em
20 I Am Your Leader

The beat in this song though😍 - badgalriri

21 Freedom

I feel free, I feel freedom,
Lord amen,

22 High School

I ❤️This song I live nicki minaj

I looove this song!

23 Automatic
24 Bang Bang

I hate Ariana Grande even more than I hate Nicki Minaj. Yeah, I said it! Real music needs more love! It was back in the time when people were actually skillful musicians that knew how to make music!

I don’t like Nicki but I like this song. This is one of her good songs

Love Nicki Jessie and ari why is this not on nicks album THE PINK PRINT

25 Roman's Revenge
26 Ganja Burn
27 Moment 4 Life

THis song is so catchy the best line in it is I slayed goliath with the sling. This song is so original like her. This song is supposed to be like the express your self or born this way of rap.

28 I Feel Free
29 2012 (It Ain't the End)

Most underrated Nicki Minaj song ever... it even made Nicki Minaj sound sufferable...

30 Beauty and a Beat

That's cause 90% of the lyrics are JB and 10% are her. So I like it.

31 Rich Sex
32 Good Form


33 Fly

I haven watch this all I'm hear it I cry and cry ;( - sweetjamie

Ita a freak song

34 Dear Old Nicki

This song gets stucked in my head all day.

35 Gun Shot
36 Marilyn Monroe
37 The Boys
38 Grand Piano
39 Turn Me On

It's a good song without Nicki rapping. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

40 Barbie Tingz
41 Side to Side
42 Here I Am

Nicki Minaj blew ma minnddd OH I should wrote that too!

43 Megatron
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1. Va Va Voom
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3. Super Bass


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