Catchiest Nicki Minaj Songs

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1 Super Bass Super Bass

Yo listen the last person who commented on this song at least get the spelling right!
but I love super bass.
one question, why is it that there are songs that nicki minaj is only featured in?

After almost 3 years I still can't get the chorus out of my head!

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2 Starships Starships

"Starships were ment to fly hands up and touch the sky"
I literally killed the replay button!

3 Check It Out Check It Out

I hate Nick I. I only vote this for Will.I. am

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4 Where Them Girls At Where Them Girls At

I heard this song 90 times already and I still love it. - Krypta-the-Great-Dane

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5 Va Va Voom Va Va Voom
6 Beez In the Trap Beez In the Trap

I my gosh! This song is stuck in my head all the time! I beez in the trap b-beez in the trap, I beez in the trap b-beez in the trap. I can't get it out!

7 Your Love Your Love V 1 Comment
8 Pound the Alarm Pound the Alarm
9 Anaconda Anaconda

I guarantee you can't listen to this song without screaming "MY ANACONDA don't WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HUN! " all the time

I don't get how this is catchy. It's about as catchy as Chris Brown's Deuces. - WonkeyDude98

It is the catchiest song of all if u love it or not I mean ANACONDA broke the vevo records!

Yeah. I'm literally like "oh my gosh, look at her butt." Every time it's that catchy

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10 Up Out My Face Up Out My Face

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11 The Night is Still Young The Night is Still Young
12 Massive Attack Massive Attack

Creativity struck me through this song, I just knew minajesty is on the road to riches

13 Whip It Whip It

"Hey you jump in this ride it's real nice it's slippery inside, rise guy come get this pie, r-r-ride it, ride it style"

14 Right Thru Me Right Thru Me
15 Pills N Potions Pills N Potions

THE PINK PRINT I love this album I love Nicki and I'm a boy

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16 Roman Reloaded Roman Reloaded
17 Stupid Hoe Stupid Hoe

In this song nicki minaj repeatedly says "you a stupid hoe " :) she Evan sings it at one point of the song! If you hear it at least once I bet you'll be saying "you a stupid hoe " all day!

You stupid stupid, you stupid stupid. Lmao

Yo bubbles, go back to your habitat! I love this song and it is so catchy!

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18 Roman Holiday Roman Holiday
19 I Am Your Leader V 1 Comment
20 Did It On'em Did It On'em
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1. Va Va Voom
2. Check It Out
3. Super Bass
1. Va Va Voom
2. The Night is Still Young
3. Super Bass
1. Starships
2. Where Them Girls At
3. Super Bass



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