Top Ten Catchiest One Piece Songs

One Piece is a great anime, with some of the catchiest songs ever. But which of them are the best? Read this list to see.

The Top Ten

1 We are! (Straw Hat Pirates Version) - Opening 7

All the Straw Hats singing in unison with different keys makes the song sound amazing.

2 Wake up! - Opening 17

Like opening 7, everyone singing at once is great.

3 Kokoro no Chizu - Opening 5

The beginning is great. This song is my ringtone.

4 Kaze wo Sagashite - Opening 12

This is a calm, relaxed, gentle song, but still catchy.

5 Believe - Opening 2

The chorus is awesome, and the ending is the best out of any song on the list.

6 BON VOYAGE! - Opening 4

The song moves at a perfect pace, with an epic ending.

7 We Are! - Opening 1

This was the first opening! It has had two spin-offs.

8 Eternal Pose - Ending 15

This is the best ending and a great rap. There are several epic parts in it.

9 Brand New World - Opening 6
10 Crazy Rainbow Star - Opening 8

Pretty catchy, and what is shown during the song is cool.

The Contenders

11 Share the World - Opening 11

Come on let's go everybody, oh we share the one dream.
Come let's go baby baby, oh we share the one world!

Now that is catchy.

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