Top 10 Catchiest Pop Songs

These pop tunes are either GREAT or TERRIBLE, but they are the catchiest!

The Top Ten

1 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

This one is definitely Terrible and to me it's not catchy at all too..

2 Thriller - Michael Jackson

One of the greatest songs of all time, from the greatest artist of all time :Michael Jackson!

I have to vote for this song because it's the best, one of the best of all time. It's a shame that this song or another mj song isn't on number one..

3 Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

This song is not only overrated as well as overplayed, it was also on Fifty Shades Of Gray. 3 reasons to hate it. - RiverClanRocks

4 Take on Me - A-Ha

This is good music. - RiverClanRocks

5 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke
6 Baby - Justin Bieber

Yeah, because repeating the same word again and again does make it catchy, as is the case with most of the pop.
But then that's what I hate about generic pop. - Kiteretsunu

7 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

I think that when they say uptown funk three times or so people sing it for the rest of the day

8 We Found Love - Rihanna
9 Friday - Rebecca Black
10 Crazy In Love - Beyonce

The Contenders

11 Dark Horse - Katy Perry
12 Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
13 Somebody to Love - Justin Bieber
14 Radio Ga Ga - Queen
15 Help! - The Beatles

The Beatles were not pure pop, so the comparison is not precise. Some of their music was "pop-rock" though, so it does allow some comparison. Just about anything they did was better than any pop artist could even dream of.

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16 Happy Together - The Turtles
17 Just Dance - Lady Gaga
18 California Gurls - Katy Perry
19 Big Night - Big Time Rush

Not only Big Night, every their song is catchy

20 I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
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1. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
2. Thriller - Michael Jackson
3. Take on Me - A-Ha
1. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
2. We Found Love - Rihanna
3. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson



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