Top Ten Catchiest Thrash Metal Songs

Title explains, as always. Just a bunch of catchy thrash metal songs.

The Top Ten

1 Alison Hell - Annihilator

Yes! Happy to see it at #1 because it's usually underrated.
I'd second NightmareCinema - I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this song either. And what's not to like here? That's a great song. Those riffs! Also the solo, the melody, the story. And Jeff Waters backing vox when he growls "Alison Hell". - Metal_Treasure

You saw this coming for sure. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this song. - NightmareCinema

2 Seek and Destroy - Metallica
3 Master of Puppets - Metallica
4 Rotten to the Core - Overkill

I love literally everything about this song. - NightmareCinema

5 Caught in a Mosh - Anthrax

Totally this one. It's also entertaining too. - LightningStrike

Once you hear this song, there’s no un-hearing it. - NightmareCinema

6 Raining Blood - Slayer
7 Hangar 18 - Megadeth
8 The Four Horsemen - Metallica
9 Mechanix - Megadeth

I personally think that the riffs are better heard in Metallica's The Four Horsemen (a song with the same music but different lyrics). I also think that Metallica's The Four Horsemen is catchier than Mechanix although music is basically the same. - Metal_Treasure

This song is just amazing. It may just be about a horny gas station attendant but still...the riffs man... - NightmareCinema

10 Agent Orange - Sodom

This song has some of the best riffs I’ve ever heard in my life. - NightmareCinema

The Newcomers

? Alive and Screaming - Death Angel

The Contenders

11 The Toxic Waltz - Exodus

That riff is truly one of thrash’s best. I just can’t get it out of my head. And holy god, those solos. - NightmareCinema

12 Angel of Death - Slayer

Speaks for itself in all honesty. - NightmareCinema

13 Welcome To Hell - Venom

I’m not a big Venom fan but I do quite like the first few albums. - NightmareCinema

14 Peace Sells - Megadeth
15 Prayer to the God of War - Vader

Vader, basically a death metal band, made a thrash song with very playful music that is also catchy. - Metal_Treasure

16 Anarchy in the U.K. - Megadeth
17 Black Prophecies - Dark Angel

Those epic heavy riffs are so catchy - there was time I couldn't stop playing this song. - Metal_Treasure

18 Got the Time - Anthrax
19 Practice What You Preach - Testament

The epitome of pure attitude. - NightmareCinema

20 Midnight Mover - Accept
21 At Dawn They Sleep - Slayer
22 Young and Useless - Thunderhead
23 For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
24 Surf Nicaragua - Sacred Reich

Mainly because of that bassline. - NightmareCinema

25 Henchman Ride - Testament
26 No Place for Disgrace - Flotsam & Jetsam
27 Creeping Death - Metallica

That riff is crazy! - Userguy44

28 Angry Again - Megadeth
29 Welcome to the Party - Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump
30 Inner Self - Sepultura
31 Some Pain Will Last - Kreator
32 Alone in the Dark - Testament
33 Bonded by Blood - Exodus
34 Holy Wars... the Punishment Due - Megadeth
35 Battery - Metallica
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