Top 10 Categories of Tournament Brackets

I recently got a Brackets App and i love making random Brackets for pretty much anything!

So here's my top 10 Categories you can make a bracket for! This is a very different type of list haha!

Go ahead and Add other Category's you could make a bracket for!

The Top Ten Categories of Tournament Brackets

Fave Sports

Is March Madness really this low? No, it is number one obviously!

There are many ways to Create a Sports Related Bracket! - Curti2594

This is the main place were we see brackets! Not just for March Madness but every playoff in almost any sort is in brackets!

NHL, NBA & etc Even Monster Truck Events have them!
I've also made some for NFL, Golf, MLB etc. Soccer Teams! Oh also WWE picking superstars!

But you could also make your own Bracket involving Teams or Players or types of sports.

#1 NHL & NBA Teams LA Kings Vs the Tampa Bay Lighting or OKC Thunder Vs Miami Heat
#2 Players from a team. or just most famous athletes. Lionel Messi Vs Wayne Rooney or Jason Day Vs Rory Mcllroy
#3 WWE can be done to Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus or John Cena Vs The Rock!
#4 Monster trucks like Grave Digger Vs Bounty Hunter or Avenger Vs Monster Mutt
#5 Types of sports like Dodgeball Vs volleyball or Baseball vs Basketball or Running vs Swimming

I enjoy seeing what matches up against one another and which I would eliminate! - Curti2594

Fave Music

Jazz, rock, pop, RnB... - Britgirl

This was why I even got a App to make my own brackets So I could have either my fave bands VS Each other or Artists. Or my fave Having Songs by a particular band battle each other and see which one I pick!

Some can actually be hard to make up my mind on!
#1 Bands Bon Jovi Vs KISS or Nickelback Vs Avenged Sevenfold or Maroon 5 Vs Fall out Boy
#2 Artists Carrie Underwood Vs Taylor Swift or Avirl Lavigne Vs Demi Lovato or Elton John Vs Phil Collins.
#3 Songs like Beat it VS Crazy Train or all from the same bands Dream on Vs Angel
#4 Music specific for each Genres work too

Apparently they us etc kind of do this on radio stations and it would be like Guns N Roses Vs Motley Crue
it can get fun! - Curti2594

Fave Video Games

There are many different ways you could make one.

#1 Fave Games from only Nintendo or Playstation or Xbox Like Metroid Vs Earthbound or Uncharted Vs Sly Cooper or Gears of war vs Halo
#2 Fave Video games period Grand Theft Auto VS Rock Band or NHL VS Skate 3
#3 Fave Video Game Characters Mario Vs Mastercheif or Sonic VS Kratos
#4 Fave pokemon like Pikachu Vs Lucario or just from one region like Heracross Vs Houndoom - Curti2594

Fave Movies

This is a classic one kind of!

#1 Fave movie like Toy Story Vs Lion King or Cheaper by the dozen Vs Ace Ventura!
#2 Fave Actor/ Actress like Tom Hanks Vs Samuel Jackson or Sandra Bullock VS Emma Stone

This one if fun if you know enough of the top of your head - Curti2594

Fave Cartoons

2 types of brackets work here!

#1 Fave Cartoons Pokemon VS Yu-Gi-Oh or Looney Tunes VS Family Guy
#2 Fave Cartoon Characters!
For example SpongeBob vs Homer Simpson or Scooby VS Fred Flintstone!

I've made some good match ups. - Curti2594

Fave Superheros

This works both for Heros and villains

#1 Fave Superhero Captain America VS SuperMan
#2 Fave Villain Joker Vs Loki
#3 Fave Marvel or DC Characters Hulk Vs Thor or Flash Vs Green Lantern

So good match ups will happen! - Curti2594

Fave Types of Drinks

Works well actually!

#1 Soda's Root Beer Vs Dr Pepper or Ginger Ale vs Crush
#2 Juices or drinks like Grape juice vs Orange juice or Milk Vs Water
#3 Alcohol Budweiser Vs Coors Light or Vodka vs Tequilla - Curti2594

Fave Food

Haven't actually done this yet but I think it's possible!

#1 Fave food Like Pizza Vs Pasta or Hot Dogs Vs Burgers
#2 Specific in one category like Mac & Cheese vs Spaghetti or Kit Kats vs Aero bars! - Curti2594

Worst Artists
Fave Places to Go

What I mean is like would you rather travel to that place one another
#1 Place to got travel like Italy Vs England or Canada VS USA
#2 Vacation places like Turks & Caicos Vs Hawaii
#3 Cities like New York vs LA - Curti2594

The Contenders

Fave Things to Do

Could be aboot nearly anything you think.

#1 fave fun places like Water park Vs Trampoline park or Beach Vs Lake
#2 Fave ways to travel Cruise Vs Camp or Bus Vs Plane or Drive vs Bike

There are a ton of different types you could make! - Curti2594

Fave Animals
Fave Accents

Mine would be South African, Jamaican, Indian, Canadian and Spanish-English. I LOVE all accents - they all fascinate me. - Britgirl

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