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Yahoo answers ( is the best an ask and answer site available on the internet, it's very useful in sharing Knowledge of people with each other where people from all over the world can answers and ask each other questions in different things of life. This perfect site is characterized by having different Categories to Ask and answer questions in. The top ten categories are down here.

The Top Ten

1 Entertainment and Music

Y! A is good but does not let people say what they want to as we get reported and or suspended which is unfair especially when following rules!

Anyone know what I can say to yahoo staff to get my first suspended account back as I was on level 7 highest one which got suspended Dec 2013 :(

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2 Computers and Internet

Love this, and books... - HezarioSeth

3 Family and Relationships

More than half of questions on the site are in this Category, and it's good for that anyone can answer its questions and say his opinion and so it needs no special Experience or Knowledga - darknessmaster909

4 Beauty and Style

This is the Place where many people Post links their Photos in Questions wondering how much hot they are laugh out loud - darknessmaster909

5 Games and Recreation
6 Health
7 Consumer Electronics
8 Yahoo! Products
9 Religion and Spirituality

Shri mataji ;to be the greatest personality walked on this earth

That's pretty interesting. Usually people from Yahoo R & S pick Fireball.

10 Society and Culture

The Contenders

11 Science and Mathematics

Most People post their Homework here in this category to Get Perfect answers ha ha - darknessmaster909

Yahoo Answers: Making homework a breeze sense I looked up a question on it.

12 Arts and Humanities
13 Sports
14 Polls & Surveys
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