Top Ten Best Catfish and the Bottlemen Songs


The Top Ten

1 7

Their best song without a doubt.

2 Pacifier

Very catchy, I love their little riff they have and the back up vocals are very well done even live

Love the lyrics!

3 Kathleen
4 Cocoon

The acoustic version sounds great too!

The song that got me into the band - emoviie

5 Twice
6 Sidewinder

Absolutely astonishing piece.

Best song ever

7 Postpone
8 Tyrants

This is their closer for not just their first album, but for their live set list. I have seen it twice now, and I wasn't sure if I liked it before the first time. After seeing them change the 5 minute indie-anthem into a stadium rock banger, it instantly became my favorite song by them, and one of my favorite songs ever!

It's their least played song from The Balcony... but thank god I'm not the only one who realizes what an awesome song this is. It's the only one that doesn't have that generic alternative sound (which I love, but that's beside the point), it's more original. Kind of reminds me of My Morning Jacket. - Songsta41

Brilliant! One of the best songs I've ever seen performed live.

9 Homesick
10 Anything

The Contenders

11 Soundcheck
12 Business
13 Fallout
14 Hourglass
15 Rango
16 God Save Her Soul
17 26
18 Glasgow
19 Bite Down Salvador
20 Red
21 Asa
22 Emily
23 Oxygen
24 Bodies
25 Tyrants and Trippin'
26 Tortuga
27 Harlot
28 Broken Army
29 Paraffin
30 Sea Found
31 A Chase Isn't a Chase If You're Not Running
32 Collide
33 Poetry and Fuel
34 Masochist
35 Outside
36 Heathrow
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