Top 10 Cats in Battle Cats

If youve played the game Battle Cats by Ponos, you would know how good the cats are. Here is my top 10.

The Top Ten

1 Nekoluga

Nekoluga #1? Who made this list?

It's aweaome and cool

100,000 a hit, and that doesn't include when it crits.

2 Brave Cat

Because it is brave


3 Rocker Cat

Who made this list

4 Cat Gunslinger
5 Fortune Teller Cat
6 Swordsman Cat
7 Flower Cat
8 Bahamut Cat

Big boy damage

Why is this not in the top 3

Awakened bahumut has 30k DPS when maxed and 25k HP. Normal bahumut also is your 1st cat who can do 10k damage per hit probably.

9 Cats in a box

Best cat so op cats op


love that

10 Lizard Cat

The Contenders

11 Paris Cat
12 Baby Cat

Extreme amounts of damage every hit

He is so damn cute gosh!
~Miaosi and Qixian

13 Titan Cat
14 Fish Cat
15 Ururun Wolf

It's just awesome and super useful😀🐺

16 Basic Cat

Because it is basic

Best cat ever

17 Delinquent Cat
18 Samba Cat
19 Tank Cat
20 Valkyrie Cat
21 Salon Cat
22 Marshmallow Cat
23 Ninja Cat
24 Radiant Aphrodite

It has s long range attack that does a heap of damage that's my style of cat

25 God-Emperor Vars


26 Kaza Jizo

How did this not come up

27 Cat Machine


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