Top 10 Causes of the Apocalypse In Apocalyptic Fiction

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1 Disease

Deadly pathogens could be brewing and evolving anywhere in the world, just look at Ebola, It was refining itself in a mountain somewhere in Africa, the first host it had spread it so fast no one knew how to stop it. Black Plague, granted it was medieval ages, if something like that were to resurface, virus-wise it would be uncurable until someone made a vaccine before the disease killed the person. With the population today, 1/4 of the world could possibly be infected before anyone knew what was happening

I think of all the options, this is the more realistic. With more people, bacteria spreads easier (especially in over populated third world countries). Whilst it would be a rarity, I think if anything would wipe out mass chunks of humanity it would be disease.

It is Turkey a good opinion

2 Aliens

1. War of the worlds
2. Mars attacks
3. Independence day

the top 3 of the top 10. Does anybody disagree?

Alien invasion
War with alien species

3 Impact Event

People have worried about this a million times before; although it's never happened, it's certainly plausible.

Impact with celestial bodies (meteorites, asteroids, planets, etc. )
Near-impact knocks earth out of orbit

I think this the most possible

4 Eco

Ecological catastrophe
Global climate change (causing a new ice age)
Global warming (melting of icecaps, global flooding)
Global pollution

5 Monsters

I believe that zombies will take over the world

Ya zombies could take over the world but after they finish off the last human they would starve to death and decompose

6 Supernatural

Religious and supernatural apocalypse
Eschatological fiction

7 Human Decline

If things continued to stay relatively the same this wouldn't be likely. It's a given that in every part if the world the population goes through periods of decline and incline. Now if you had all the right ingredients however such as simultaneous plagues, natural destruction cosmic collisions and a sudden change in climate with a big fat world war in the middle of it that could lead to some terrifying results. Imagine if only 1/4 of the worlds current population existed after just a few years of destruction. A modern world wide dark age. That would be scary.

The scariest because it's the most possible.

The decline and fall of the human race

8 Sun

The sun getting closer to earth and burning everything

Expanding or dying sun

9 War

It just seems to be the most plausible. I mean, consider the vast nuclear arsenal of the nations across the world. WWIII would NOT be fun.

World war I
Global nuclear holocaust
Other apocalyptic wars between humans

Word war 3may happen in the next 5,10,100 or1,000 years

How is war 8 it should be first

10 Zombies

Has to be everyone's favorite these days. Haven't met a kid who didn't know what to do in case of a Zombie Apocalypse

Uh, why does everyone think this will happen?

I like zombies

The Contenders
11 Technology

Should definitely be higher on the list, I think

Apocalyptic wars between humans and technology
Cybernetic revolt - war with, or revolution, by robots, computers, etc

12 Cure for Major Diseases

Sure it's been mentioned before, but think about it. Say you have some terrible disease, and some scientist comes up with a "cure" that really ends up not only attacking the disease, but the whole body.. thus turning the diseased into zombies.. kind of like the movie "I Am Legend".

13 Zombie Animals

The thought of dead animals coming back out of the grave and starting the Zombie Apocalypse

14 Clathrate Explosions
15 Alien Invasions
16 Nuclear Weapons
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