Top Ten Most Possible Causes to the End of the World

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1 World Wide War

I have a bad feeling that World War III may cause the end of Earth, especially since every country on this Earth has Nukes that can kill more than a million people. What's scarier is that WWIII is right around the corner.

How it could happen: Trump decides it is a great idea to nuke Russia. People start picking sides, UN gets TO'd and then everything pretty much just goes boom.

This definitely could be the case, knowing that we have enough nuclear warheads to wipe out our species three times over.

How stupid we humans are.We are saying that we are gonna make life on Earth better,and saying that mosquito is most dangerous animals.But we are the thing that kills the planet.Wars,genocides,all crazy stuff is killing our planet,Earth.We are idiots.

2 Nuclear War

Nuclear weapons will blow everyone to pieces and quite frankly if it doesn't we will die of radeoactive poisoning, starvation, dehydration, lack of resources or deppression. So we may not die as a cause of WW3 but it could be an aftershock or effect of the actions.

With nukes destrooying all the countries, the world will start to end. I actually think were close to the end because of the rumors of WW3, but the bible sais no one knows except God.

We will probably die because of WW3. Chia and North Korea have all those nukes. And Iran is verry powerful. No dout that US will loose. I hope we don't though.

I feel like Trump will start this.

3 Pollution, Leading to a Greenhouse Effect

Yeah, I agree with pollution because I'm writing a speech and pollution is my main point. Thanks thetoptens
Sincerly :
Ali mustafa

The should-be number one in the list. Go solar panels... If you can. Good luck

The pollution will not only kill us, but the animals and the climate

Well it might be in 4027 so maybe the world never ends but this is correct.

4 Disease

If all diseases were to somehow combine together, they would become unstoppable, no cure, we all dead.

There is an Ebola outbreak in Africa right now... Feel so sorry for anyone who ever gets Ebola.

Well its already spread to America. It could spread anywhere now...

This would only happen if Ebola and the common cold were mixed.

5 Zombie Apocalypse

The only reason ANY of you say that you "know" it will happen, no you don't. The only reason you say that is because of movies. If there had never been books or movies about them, you guys wouldn't even know what this is, therefore, you would "know" this won't happen. The only reason you think this will happen is because of movies. Just because you saw a movie of them doesn't mean it will happen in real life.

Could happen if a new virus is created or a already-known virus combines with another virus, creating flesh-eating zombies

Think about it. There could be a graveyard really close to a radiation plant. Radiation+dead bodies=zombies. It WILL happen, and I'm going to be prepared. Like this comment if you will too.

It will be the end of the world. Have you ever heard of mad cow disease? I'm tellingg you a more evolved form of that virus will occur in someones beef burger and they will start to crave human meat.

6 Asteroid

An asteroid could strike Earth at any time and totally obliterate it.

This list is scary, I hope they will hitting in this years.

A meteorite come and colapse with the surface of the EARTH

7 Massive Super-volcano Eruption

This could happen, many eruption that caused a lot of lives, especially in Indonesia. Over 1 million lives have ended because of eruption s on Indonesia. The worst could end humankind. Be prepared to survive!

Yellowknife should be destroyed before it erupts... which might not be THAT long. Could be several years. Glad I live in Canada. We wont be hit as bad. So Americans should flee to either Canada of Mexico.

Yellowstone national park... A ticking time bomb... That could go off at anytime... In an hour, a couple of minutes, maybe days or years... Whatever the time... The USA is doomed, full stop.

Would cause more pollution than all of mankind's history combined...

8 Global Warming Apocalypse

Whole countries, such as Bangladesh, Denmark, Netherlands, and Tuvalu could be flooded pretty soon. Millions would be killed or displaced.

We learn to swim and swim to mountains. (MIC DROP)

Due to climate change our planet is in danger and futher due to urbanization forest cutting our eco system is colapse

9 Depleting Earth's Resources

This is the closest thing to happening. This would completely destroy the world. We wouldn't be able to enter space anyway because we would have no food or metal to make a spacecraft. This will gave us a slow and painful end, unlike a black hole.

This actually could happen very soon.

10 Solar Flares

It can happen!

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11 Black Hole

I read that you wouldn't even feel yourself being stretched apart... I'm not really sure if that's true. I wonder. Just hope the world doesn't end when I am here or my kids are on this planet. Even though I'm not even that old yet, just because I planned that...

The closest black hole is at the center of our galaxy. Plus, it will take at LEAST one million years to get halfway as close to it as we are now.

have we?

I'm really flying... to my DOOM!

12 Time Stops

If this really happens, I think the government will allow killings. Just think of it. Without time, no one will age. Meaning, the number of deaths will be reduced significantly and when this planet became overpopulated, perhaps the government will result to massive genocides just to reduce the number of humans. The powerful rich people will surely find a way to stay alive while those who're poor will suffer.

If time stops... Then we're all invincible. Time ending would not kill anyone nor would it even pause anyone. You wouldn't age though. You would live forever

You realize the list title said possible right?

Well if time stops, we won't be able to think.

13 Massive Solar Eruption

Solar flares are the most are the logical 2012.

14 Collision Between Our Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy

There will be no dang explosion unless Andromeda is composed of antimatter. According to a documentary I watched, the systems and planets would get flinged around the place. Basically saying, Earth could be a single planet floating in space.

Whoever put this up here clearly knows nothing about astronomy. When the Milky Way and the Andromedy combine in a million years: The result will be a galaxy that is bigger and have a different name. There will be no explosion or destruction of ANYTHING within 100,000 light years.

Notably: Would not explode. They would merge and form a bigger galaxy. We would have no ill effects.

Just common sense. It doesn't explode if two galaxies fuse together... This is just stupidity

15 Jesus' 2nd Coming
16 Alien Invasion

We have found might be a alien that mean awe shauld get ready for a war or peace

17 Christian Rapture and Tribulation

This will be the one that happens. The 7 year period will cause rapid death, and annihilation of nearly 75% of what was left after the rapture. Some of the disasters humans will face at this time include:

The sun burning all humans alive
All Water dying and replaced with blood
A terrible earthquake worse than all others combined...
Along with 100 lb Hailstones to destroy everything
And for those who worship the devil, they will break out in cancerous sores.

True! It is more likely that the Antichrist will set up abomination than for Yellowstone to erupt because the world can't end before the Rapture or Second Coming.

That will be #1 because it's the ultimate cause.

18 Robot Apocalypse

Definitely robopocalypse. I mean, we already have robots reading our vows to us in Japan! How much longer before they refuse to run our Google engines?! Scientists, SLOW DOWN.

I hate robots

19 Comet
20 Massive Earthquakes
21 Earth's Core Explodes
22 Fall Out of Orbit

This is inevitable in five billion years when the sun dies and "eats" it.

I don't know if we can escape this

23 Big Red Giant

The Sun is supposed to engulf all the inner planets in billions of years.

This could hurt EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING... it's scary

24 Poisoned Water

No water, no ecosystem. Learn to eat rocks...

25 Earth Leaves Its Orbit to Move Closer to the Sun

why though

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