Top Ten Possible Causes to the End of the World

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21 Comet
22 Big Red Giant

The Sun is supposed to engulf all the inner planets in billions of years. - Turkeyasylum

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23 Christian Rapture and Tribulation

True! It is more likely that the Antichrist will set up abomination than for Yellowstone to erupt because the world can't end before the Rapture or Second Coming.

That will be #1 because it's the ultimate cause.

This will be the one that happens. The 7 year period will cause rapid death, and annihilation of nearly 75% of what was left after the rapture. Some of the disasters humans will face at this time include:

The sun burning all humans alive
All Water dying and replaced with blood
A terrible earthquake worse than all others combined...
Along with 100 lb Hailstones to destroy everything
And for those who worship the devil, they will break out in cancerous sores.

24 Jesus' 2nd Coming
25 Our Core Explode
26 By Nuclear Winter Apocalypse
27 The Earth Leaves Its Axis to Move Closer to the Sun

why though

28 Cancer Spreads and Everyone Gets It

Everyone would die right now if that happen there's not enough docters to work hard

29 Justin Bieber Takes Over

That queer must die!

30 Earth Crashes Into the Sun

This is inevitable in five billion years when the sun dies and "eats" it.

31 Tornadoes

Will cause homes to be destroyed

32 Cat 6 Hurricanes
33 Locust Swarms

They will eat your house, your car, and you.

34 Genetic Alterations
35 Earth Just Stops Spinning

Because of how fast the earth is spinning, everything will be blown away. Any questions?

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36 Flaming Thunder Destroys the Earths Surface Exposing the Earths 1000+ Degree Core
37 Massive Flooding
38 Mass Suicide
39 Fall Out of Orbit
40 Sun Explodes

The sun won't explode as a supernova. It's not massive enough. It will have to turn into a red giant first, which it will, and this would result in the Earth becoming a Mercury-like planet before it's finally swallowed by the sun.
However, you don't need to worry about that (Even though it is inevitable if the Earth is still there somehow) because it won't be for another 5 billion years.

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