Top 10 CBBC Roy Episodes that Should've Been Created

In my second list I am going to countdown the top ten CBBC ROY episodes that should've been created and should become a reality. Feel free to put your own ideas in my list but make sure that the episodes involve ROY dying, getting hurt or anything bad that should happen to him.

The Top Ten

1 Roy Has Diarrhea and Explodes

This will be the funniest idea ever and this is how the episode goes. ROY eats too much can of beans and spicy curry in the morning before he goes school then all of a sudden in class ROY's tummy starts to hurt and he really needs to go to the toilets. But unfortunately when ROY was about to rush into the toilets his ass has exploded with diarrhea in the school and everyone laughs at him and ROY gets so embarrassed that runs back into his house and cry's The End. - deandaz12345

2 Roy Eats Too Much Junk Food and Explodes

It would be very funny to see ROY get fatter and fatter once he stuffs a lot of junk food into his mouth. ROY gets so fat that he looks like a balloon and then his organs would explode in the end. - deandaz12345

3 Roy Abuse

I mean who wouldn't want to see an Irish fat cartoon boy like ROY get abused. ROY tries to call Childline but unfortunately for him Childline's phone number has been blocked and ROY then commits suicide. - deandaz12345

4 1000 Ways to Kill Roy (1 Hour Special)

This is a parody of the show 1000 Ways To Die but it is an 1 hour of fun watching ROY getting killed over and over and over again by completely different ways. - deandaz12345

5 Roy and Tommy Kiss Each Other

ROY and his old mates from series 1 to 2 play dares and Jack dares ROY to kiss Tommy but they both refuse to. But Jack said if they refuse to do the dare he would tell ROY and Tommy off to Mr Hammond for not doing their homework so they finally kissed each other and ROY and Tommy become G.A.Y lovers the end. - deandaz12345

6 Chloe Beats Him Up

This would be so funny to see ROY get beat up by a girl she is known as ROY's old bully from series 1 to 2. - deandaz12345

7 Mr. Hammond Punishes Roy

Well since Mr Hammond hates ROY so much as I do he should punish ROY everyday instead of just punishing him once when he is naughty or not doing his homework to make his life in school like hell. - deandaz12345

8 Roy Pees Himself

ROY drinks too much sugary drinks before he leaves his house to play out with is mates. But all of a sudden ROY feels like he really needs to go to the loo but when he rushes back home to go to the loo he accidentally pees in his own house and his parents punishes him while his sister Becky laughs her ass off and then ROY gets so embarrassed and cries in the end. - deandaz12345

9 Roy Gets Kidnapped

ROY is very sad and lonely outside because his mates have fallen out with him forever then some stranger in a van gives ROY a box of chocolates, crisps and sweets that are inside the the stranger's van. But after all of that ROY gets locked up in the strangers van and gets kidnapped and becomes missing forever and his family and friends starts to cry well except for Chloe, Deco, Mr Hammond And his sister Becky the end. - deandaz12345

10 Tommy Abuse

This is an episode where ROY's old and nerdy best friend Tommy from the series 1 to 2 gets abused. - deandaz12345

The Contenders

11 Roy Gets Eaten by a Titan
12 Roy Fall Into a Dip in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
13 Roy Gets Stuck in Wringer
14 Roy Gets a Nose
15 Roy Finds a Death Note
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