Top 10 CBBC Roy Episodes that Should've Been Created

In my second list I am going to countdown the top ten CBBC ROY episodes that should've been created and should become a reality. Feel free to put your own ideas in my list but make sure that the episodes involve ROY dying, getting hurt or anything bad that should happen to him.

The Top Ten

1 Roy Has Diarrhea and Explodes
2 Roy Eats Too Much Junk Food and Explodes
3 Roy Abuse
4 1000 Ways to Kill Roy (1 Hour Special)
5 Roy and Tommy Kiss Each Other
6 Chloe Beats Him Up
7 Mr. Hammond Punishes Roy
8 Roy Pees Himself
9 Roy Gets Kidnapped
10 Tommy Abuse

The Contenders

11 Roy Gets Eaten by a Titan
12 Roy Fall Into a Dip in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
13 Roy Gets Stuck in Wringer
14 Roy Gets a Nose
15 Roy Finds a Death Note
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