Top 10 Cedar Fair Amusement Parks

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1 Cedar Point

Lots to do a wide variety of roller coasters and a great day of exercise. If you have a group who doesn't like roller coasters but enjoys water parks it's a win win for all.

Cedar Point is the top dog in the Cedar Fair franchise.

Millennium Force is DOPE

Cedar Point Is The best rollarcoaster park in the world. With the Top Thrill dragster, Gate Keeper, and Valravn. If Cedar Fair did not own Cedar Point then Six Flags probably would.

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2 Kings Island

Best coaster the beast

KI is awesome because it has great rides!

Ki ironically has the best b&m invert in the world and the best b&m hper in the U.S.

3 Carowinds

I've only been to two cedar fair parks which were kings island and carowinds and to be honest I like carowinds better because the atmosphere and FURY 325.

Drove 1050 miles to ride. We were not allowed to wait for the front row. They picked where you sat. not cool

Very underrated park it seems. Never been to any of these except KD, and it was pretty good. This has 8 or 9 major coasters that all seem great. Watched most point of view's as well. Not sure why everyone seems to rank this park so low, but it's the closest park to fl and it seems really cool, would love to check it out

Fury 325
Enough Said

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4 Canada's Wonderland

This park is the most visited seasonal park in North America for a reason... it should be in the top 3 or top 5 at the least... Amazing attractions (best flat ride collection of any park in the world - in my opinion) and great solid coasters! As well as the 2 dark rides we have which are both amazing!

The flats are awesome!

Best park ever

While there is no debate Cedar Point and Kings Island is better This park and Carowinds is a tie almost Fury 325 > Leviathan, Intimidator < Behemoth, After Burn > Flight Deck, Hurler < Minebuster, Carolina cyclone < Dragon fire, Vortex Caro < Vortex CW

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5 Kings Dominion

Best coaster Intimidator 305

1. Intimidator 305
2. Dominator
3. Volcano The blast
4. Flight of Fear
5. Backlot Stunt Coaster
6. Rebel Yell
7. Shockwave
8. Rebel Yell
9. Anaconda
10. Grizzly
11. Hurler
12. Richochet
13. Woodstock express
14. The great pumpkin coaster

6 Knotts Berry Farm

How is this not near the top of the list

Best coaster Xcelerator

7 Worlds of Fun

No I don't think worlds of fun is the best park overall, but definitely has the most charm. I go quite a bit and It is very underrated and has lots of potential and a great top 5 coasters so no not the best cedar fair park but crazy underrated and in my opinion one of the supreme cedar fair parks

Best themed and most potential

Patriot is the best, along with Mamba and Prowler. Timber wolf is underrated, Spinning Dragons is meh, and Boomerang is okay


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8 California's Great America

Best coaster gold striker - kegan

Best coaster Flight deck

Gold Striker... need I say more?

9 Dorney Park

I get platinum passes every year and have been to the top eight listed and I don't know how Canadas wonderland ranks#2 or how carowinds Michigans adventure and knots ranks above dorney it should be number four on this list those four other parks are lame in comparison if you ask me. Cedar point, kings island and dominion and dorney are my top four

Best Coaster steel force

Great park best coaster talon

My Home Park - JPK

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10 ValleyFair

Best coaster Wild thang

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11 Michigan's Adventure

Best coaster shivering timbers

12 Gilroy Gardens

Best coaster quicksilver express

13 Geauga Lake

It's so sad that it's no longer around

My favorite coaster was Dominator

My favorite rode was dominator

I Miss This Park - JPK

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