Top 10 Cedar Fair Amusement Parks

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1 Cedar Point

I like steel vengeance but the top thrill dragster is always down and fast lane plus is too expensive but we still get it.

The rides are always so exciting

They already have a lot of coasters! Cedar Point is considered Cedar Fair's flagship park because it's where it's based out of

You can't even compare any park in the world to this, Its beautiful.

2 Kings Island

Best park overall. New Orion coming plus Waterpark is huge and included in admission. Great value and this park will be number 1 eventually because only half the land owned is being used so yes tons of growth potential in the future! It will become the top park one day over Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland. The attendance ranking now is Knotts 6 million a year, Canada's Wonderland 3.8 mil, Cedar Point 3.6 mil, Kings Island 3.5 mil, Carowinds 3 mil, Kings Dominion 2 mil, California's Great America 1.5 mil, Worlds of fun 1.2 mil, Dorney Park 1 mil, Valley fair and Michigan's Adventure less than 1 mil. Gilroy Gardens half mil. Most of all Cedar Fair parks are landlocked meaning their growth is very limited. Kings Island and Kings Dominion has the biggest areas to grow in the future. Canada's Wonderland, Cedar Point, Carowinds, Knotts Berry Farm and Valley fair uses 100 % of the land they have. No room for growth. The remaining parks don't have much land left for growth either. I ...more

The park is always so nice and clean. I love the rides as well. There is truly something here for the whole family

Best park layout and plenty of land for the future! Might not have the tallest coasters but it definitely packs a punch with variety!

Best variety of rides. There's something here for everyone

3 Canada's Wonderland

Love it!


Clean and safe, lots of food choices and the rides are awesome

Litty and underrated when cedar point has no high roller coasters so suck it

4 Carowinds


Carowinds is my favorite park visited many times through the years

Great rides and atmosphere also nostalgia for me

Furry alone should make Carowinds number one

5 Kings Dominion

Love it

Best coaster Intimidator 305

The best!

1. Intimidator 305
2. Dominator
3. Volcano The blast
4. Flight of Fear
5. Backlot Stunt Coaster
6. Rebel Yell
7. Shockwave
8. Rebel Yell
9. Anaconda
10. Grizzly
11. Hurler
12. Richochet
13. Woodstock express
14. The great pumpkin coaster

6 Knotts Berry Farm

This is the only park in cedar fair I have been to, and all the rides ( except for pony express, which is crappy) are awesome

One of the most underrated small parks in the states. Fantastic park.

Knottā€™s Berry Farm is the best theme park

How is this not near the top of the list

7 California's Great America

I like it the most

RAILBLAZER! Awesome new coaster

One of NY favorite parks!

Best coaster gold striker - kegan

8 Worlds of Fun

I love Worlds Of Fun I go their every weekend their actors are amazing and their show and rollercoaster are great

No I don't think worlds of fun is the best park overall, but definitely has the most charm. I go quite a bit and It is very underrated and has lots of potential and a great top 5 coasters so no not the best cedar fair park but crazy underrated and in my opinion one of the supreme cedar fair parks

Best themed and most potential

Patriot is the best, along with Mamba and Prowler. Timber wolf is underrated, Spinning Dragons is meh, and Boomerang is okay

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9 Dorney Park

I Think Dorney Park Should Be Top 5, Two Parks For The Price Of One. I Could Spend All Day In The Water park And The Rest Of The Day In The Regular Park For One Price

Good Park

I get platinum passes every year and have been to the top eight listed and I don't know how Canadas wonderland ranks#2 or how carowinds Michigans adventure and knots ranks above dorney it should be number four on this list those four other parks are lame in comparison if you ask me. Cedar point, kings island and dominion and dorney are my top four

Best Coaster steel force

10 ValleyFair

Renegade is the best followed by Steel Venom... I wish they could have more coasters

Steel Venom is the best!

Rip cord or steel venom are the bes

Oh Yeah I love Valley Fair! - lionsforlife

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11 Michigan's Adventure

Beautiful lake

Best coaster shivering timbers

7. Big Dipper
6. Zach Zoomer
5. Mad Mouse
4. Corkscrew
3. Wolverine Wildcat
2. Thunderhawk
1. Shivering Timbers
My ranking of the rollercoasters here

12 Gilroy Gardens

Best coaster quicksilver express

13 Geauga Lake

That is sad

It's so sad that it's no longer around

My favorite coaster was Dominator

My favorite rode was dominator

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14 Thank Dick Kinzel
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1. Cedar Point
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1. Cedar Point
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3. Kings Island


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