Best Cedar Point Roller Coasters

The ten best roller coasters at Cedar Point amusement park.

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1 Millenium Force

Best non-inverting roller coaster!

Millennium Force is the best roller-coaster I have ever ridden, and will be no matter what else I ride. While other coasters may give more air-time, Millennium Force's sustained speed throughout the entire ride makes it the most thrilling not only at Cedar Point, but possibly the entire country.

NO QUESTION the best ride of all time, with Boulder Dash an extremely close second.

I went to cedar point yesterday and it was my first time on the millennium force and I went on it 4 times in one day because I loved it so much.

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2 Maverick

Maverick is much better than Millennium Force. It is personally my favorite roller coaster that I have ridden. With its beyond-vertical drop and agressive rapid-fire banked turns, it is obviously the best coaster at Cedar Point. Maverick also has very intense airtime, two launches and fantastic inversions and elements. I do wish that Maverick still has its heartline roll instead of the "airtime" hill with trim brakes.

Definitely better than Millennium Force. It's much more forceful and the launch is AWESOME. I rode it twice during my visit to Cedar Point. - Medmac

If you go to Cedar Point, go here first. It is in the back of the park and the lines are shorter in the beginning of the day

A forceful, low to the ground, insane ride. Great launch, it seemed much faster than stats say, and an amazing layout

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3 GateKeeper

It doesent make sense how short the line is for this, its one of my favorites

I love this one. It was really smooth. That is all I have to say. - Yoshilord

Wow. GateKeeper is below Mantis. I say this is easily #3 or 4. - ThatStrangeKid42

Very smooth, and feels good riding it.

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4 Top Thrill Dragster

Are you kidding me? Magnum XL-200 hurts like hell! Top thrill dragster is so smooth and has great lap bars. It is the most intense coaster in the world Everything about it is terrifying. It may not be long, it is still the best experience in my life and I don't care being in a car for 10 hours just for 17 seconds of ride. IT IS WORTH IT

I can't find a better coaster rush anywhere. It simply exists in one place only, and it's Top Thrill Dragster hands up, I mean... Um... down.

Although Top Thrill Dragster has less time than Millenium Force, it is still scariest in Cedar Point!

I recommend going on it just so you can say you did, but other than that it is really not worth waiting two hours in line for. - Yoshilord

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5 Steel Vengeance

Give this more time. It will be top soon. I adore Maverick, but this ride is just plain better

Get it to the top 5! - Maddox121

This is below Magnum... - Maddox121


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6 Raptor

I loved that ride

This one reminded me of the Batman at 6 Flags Great Adventure... Sorta... This coaster was
A thrill to me because of speed and twisty inversions.
It was sweet!

A lot like Banshee at KI, but shorter and rougher

Raptor is the first of its kind fyi came out years before batman...CP is known to do everything first

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7 Magnum XL-200

This coasters height and drop stunned me. But it wasn't as bad as I thought.
This one was interesting, but fun in every way.

I remember my sister stuck her glasses in her shirt so she wouldn't lose them. In the picture she had her hand on her chest because she just realized they flew out. - Yoshilord

A lot of people like Millennium Force better because it is taller, but come on people, this is EASILY the best ride at the park! - Ummagumma1969

This ride should be #2. Its awesome

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8 Rougarou

New floor less coaster is one of the best I've ever ridden

Best ride in the whole park

I'ts just like the bandshee at kings island so it is awsom

9 Gemini

This one reminded me kinda of the American Eagle at 6 Flags Great America!
I can't say that I love this one, because I lose on whatever coaster train I go on!
But I can saw that is was fun!

This should be #1

I honestly hope that Cedar Point makes an entrance/exit at the back of the park so more people can visit rides like Gemini,Maverick and Rougarou. Oh and Mean Streak too

10 Valravn

This Thing Will Likely Skyrocket Up To The Top Tens In Mid May

This has to be the top one its amazing

The tallest fastest dive machine

Val raven was awesome. #valravn

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The Contenders

11 Blue Streak

I get very stressed on coasters I passed out on it. And it's very jerky and was a pretty unpleasant time other than the first drop it would give it a 5.5 out of 10 it was nothing to write home about

Awesome ride! Classic coaster. Great for all ages. The sped combined with the hills leaves one flying out of their seat! Have loved it for years!

Good starting coaster before going on bigger ones

May be a classic, but it hurts like heck. - Yoshilord

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12 Wicked Twister

I LOVE WICKED TWISTER! BY FAR THE NUMBER ONE AT THE PARK! It has a fantastic launch... shoots you into the sky, zooms you back down... super intense, fast and overall amazing.

Wicked twisted tops Vertical velocity at six flags discovery kingdom!

I got stuck on it

13 Corkscrew

It's actually a great ride, but with everything else at the park it tends to be forgotten

The corkscrew is the best looping ride at the park! I just love the double corkscrews at the end a very short ride.

One of those "Forgotten" rides that are great

How does this top Blue Streak? - growlbunny

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14 Mantis

Somebody should tell the maker of list of roller coaster rankings Mantis has a giant loop and should be in the biggest vertical loop!

Too bad they got rid of this. - alexcousins

Rest in peace, Mantis. - Yoshilord

In 1996, I came to CP for a field trip, and my friend and I rode the Mantis, and it was our favorite ride that we rode. It was awesome, and if they kept it up, not making it a floorless, it would be my # 5 roller coaster in the park, and #1 stand up coaster, only in front of King's Island's King Cobra.

15 Iron Dragon

Another one that is really rough. - Yoshilord

I rode it 11 times in 1 day and 2 hours!

A small ride that packs a punch!

Best ride it's very smooth but is very fun

16 Jr. Gemini

Note: Now called "Wilderness Run" - N64Dude

If I was a kid I will ride this all day!

If I was a kid I will ride this all day

Why is this on the list? It only goes over 6 mph and it’s 19 feet tall.
It sucks and it’s not worth going on or even fun for kids.

17 Cedar Creek Mine Ride

This is a coaster that made my stomach drop. Even though it wasn't really big... It really can be extreme!

This one really, really hurts. - Yoshilord

Not big, but great - growlbunny

I really liked it is would compare it to big thunder Mt in Disney world but it was more jerky and not as fun

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18 Dip the Dips Scenic Railway
19 Switchback Railway

This was Cedar Point's First Roller Coaster. RIP 1892-1907

20 Mean Streak

Mean Streak should get the RMC hybrid treatment.

Uh It's Not That Good
Not Terrible
Not Good
Just Mediocre Nowadays

dammit - InfraRed

A rush and thrill! I never expected more from a wooden coaster! But this one was awesome!
Loved it!

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21 Woodstock Express

This is a awesome family ride it is better than road runner express at six flags magic mountain

Amazing family ride! This is way better than road runner express at six flags magic mountain!

After all this years, my computer mouse-pad thingy still is the picture of me and my grandma on this one from when I was three. - Yoshilord

22 Cyclone

Not too good of a wooden coaster but it is awesome

23 High Frolics

R.I.P 1918 To 1940. If This Was Still Around. It Would Be A Landmark.

24 Jumbo Jet

Still exists in Belarus - Maddox121

25 Leap the Dips

This is in Lakemont Park Altoona, and it sucks. so get this off of here.

26 Disaster Transport

So sad they removed this coaster. It was my first coaster.

27 WildCat

I was interested in this one because it didn't look so extreme. It wasn't... But it was pretty fun I have to say!

28 Loop the Loop
29 Racer
30 Scamper
31 Super Coaster
32 Maxair

Not a coaster but a very good ride

33 Wild Cats
34 Sky Hawk

Very very awesome Scream'n Swing. This should be ahead of Max Air

35 RMC Mean Streak
36 Power Tower

Not the best drop tower in the world (Falcons Fury [Busch Gardens Tampa] is). But still a great ride

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