10 Celebrities from Thornhill, Ontario


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1 Corey Haim Corey Haim Corey Haim was born on December 23 1971, in Toronto Ontario. He grew up in the Toronto suburbs of Thornhill and Willowdale, and attended such schools as Pineway Public School, Baythorn Public School, German Mills Public School, and Zion Heights Junior High School. ...read more.

Pass over do he's the greatest actor of all time

Simple the best teen actor from the 80's!

Rest in peace, Corey. - clusium

2 Hayden Christensen Hayden Christensen Hayden Christensen is a Canadian-American actor and producer. He began his career on Canadian television at the age of 13, then diversified into American television in the late 1990s. ...read more.
3 Cameron Mathison
4 Rishma Malik Rishma Malik Rishma Malik was born on April 14, 1972, in Toronto Ontario. She grew up in Thornhill Ontario, where she attended German Mills Public School, Thornlea Secondary School, and York University, in the Greater Toronto Area. ...read more.
5 Billie Mintz Billie Mintz
6 Laura Mainella Laura Mainella

This incredible woman is a complete rock star. Intelligent, insightful, compassionate, and genuinely good-hearted she deserves all the accolades that might (should) come her way. - Laura Peters

Laura Mainella is a giving, compassionate, caring, funny, talented, and extremely beautiful Lady...inside and out! - rajenwilliams

A diamond in the rough

Why there's no picture of this kind, smart, talented and gorgeous woman?
She is the best!

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7 Paul McGuire Paul McGuire

I woke up to 'The Breakfast Zone' with this guy.

Paul McGuire is AWESOME.

8 Milos Raonic Milos Raonic
9 Lauren Collins Lauren Collins
10 Anne Murray Anne Murray Morna Anne Murray known professionally as Anne Murray, is a Canadian singer in pop, country, and adult contemporary music whose albums have sold over 55 million copies worldwide.

Anne is a great singer, a great Canadian, but most of all a very good lady She has given hours of joy to us with her music...and is most kind and generous to her fans...Canada's National Treasure & Icon!

Nova Scotia. Practically a New Englander.

Yes, but, she did have a home in Thornhill Ontario, for many years. - clusium

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? Thomas Hall
? Austin Delaney


The Contenders

11 Craig Kielburger
12 Tajja Isen
13 Kim Mitchell

Lead singer of rock band Max Webster and solo career. Who can forget the Canadian anthem "patio lanterns" or "Go for a soda".
Kim was a great family man living in the Thornhill area with his wife and kids.

14 Sheila McCarthy
15 Gillian Ferrari
16 Cameron Bailey
17 Kim Richardson

Kim was a very good friend in middle school and high school. I have great memories of her and her mother (a celebrity in her own right). We love you!

An extremely talented singer/actress.

Was 1 of my best friends.. Love her and her family

18 Mitch Marner Mitch Marner

Didn't know this. I'm a huge fan of this kid.

19 Bobby Motta
20 Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins - NBA, Dan Shulman announcer, and of course the ex-CBC douche bag JG may be the most infamous

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