Top 10 Celebrity Deathmatch Dream Matches That Never Happened

The truly worst thing about Celebrity Deathmatch being cancelled is that it prevented a lot of great match ups from happening.

The Top Ten

1 Jackie Chan vs Bruce Lee

That would be amazing to see. - PeeledBanana

2 Eddie Murpghy vs Richard Pryor

I miss this show - Jonerman

3 Freddy Krueger vs Jason Vorhees
4 Marilon Manson vs Kane
5 Edger Alan Poe vs Stephen King
6 Johnny Depp vs Sacha Baron Coen
7 Mark Hamill vs Harrison Ford
8 Billy Ray Cyrus vs Ludacris
9 Miley Cyrus vs Raven Semone
10 Kurt Angle vs Adolf Hitler

The Contenders

11 Charles Manson vs Varg Vikernes
12 Nostalgia Critic vs Angry Video Game Nerd

I would love to see this one.

13 Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee

They did fight in one of Bruce Lee's movies, and in real life were friends and regular sparring partners.

14 Gary Coleman vs Gary Cole
15 George Lopez vs Erik Estrada
16 Vinnie Jones vs Jason Statham
17 Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber
18 Marilyn Manson vs Justin Bieber

Now that would've been interesting!

19 Michael Jackson vs Bruno Mars
20 Ozzy Osbourne vs Marilyn Manson
21 Tommy Lee vs Tommy Lee Jones
22 Nicki Minaj vs Miley Cyrus

Have confirmed a reboot of Celebrity Deathmatch. I think this match will happen. - Yona_db

23 Michael Jackson vs Prince
24 Justin Bieber vs Justin Timberlake

Battle Of Justin - Hafizhiskandar

25 Dahvie Vanity vs Lil Meerkat
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