Celebrity Deathmatch (2017) Episode I It's Good To Be Back

htoutlaws2012 Disclaimer: Well I felt the need of something fresh to try, since there was low numbers of users that wanted to play my draft fantasy game, this is my alternative choice. For those who don't know the by now Celebrity Deathmatch is a show where it was in claymation style, and they would pair two celebrities, or more to fight to the death until the other person has been literally in fatality mode. Its also been 10 years since the last episode hit in March where it ended in that aspect I fought of doing this for which you may find this comical. For MTV this was one of the better shows at the time, you could see modem celebrities are the past duke it out for survival. Let's just say it's ''best for business.''

Intro Theme: (Instrumental Guitar theme plays with metal like sound riffs going off).

''The program you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the creators' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental. This program does not reflect the views or opinions of any actual person portrayed herein....anyway it's just clay!''

Johnny Gomez: Good evening folks i'm Johnny Gomez
Nick Diamond: And i'm Nick Diamond
Gomez: Tonight's matches should be a doozy, in our battle of today's music artists as Lady Gaga Takes on Miley Cyrus in the battle of the freaks
Diamond: then we go from freaky to a long time rivalry as Kanye West takes on Taylor Swift.
Gomez: Our main event of the evening has a pair of annoying singers from the past and future if you don't get that reference then maybe you'll recognized these names as much as you would not of Justin Bieber the old annoyance vs the future annoyance of today Jacob Sartorius tonight on... Celebrity Deathmatch!
Diamond: We go live to Debbie Matenopoulos.

(Interview backstage)
Debbie Matenopoulos: Thanks Nick, now Lady Gaga no one has been more bizarre in design then you.
Lady Gaga: Well my little monsters out there don't mind one bit.
Matenopoulos: Well she not be as bizarre, but not far off is... (Miley attacks Gaga from behind) I stand corrected.

(Fight Begins)
Gomez: Nick, the fight has begun as Miley Cyrus pulls an ambush on Lady Gaga.
Diamond: Well Johnny this should be one upside down catfight right?
Gomez: Indeed it is Nick. Now Miley is dragging Gaga to the ring, and literally going to the top of the stage.
Diamond: She went all the way, and missed a crazy drop down to Gaga.
Lady Gaga: Looks like this one is more wild than I expected time to send in my fan reinforcements.
Gomez: Gaga got a... some sort of a whistle that summons her little monsters.
Diamond: As they viciously destroy Miley Cyrus with her fans.
Miley Cyrus: Ha! ha! ha!
Gomez: Wait a second Nick! Miley has unleashed that unattractive outfit from the 2013 VMA's as she takes out all the little monsters relentlessly. Bloody face in all Gaga may need to resort to go in alone.
Diamond: Now gaga has something up her sleeve.
Gomez: and now Gaga has transformed into the meat outfit which one of the more bizarre choice of outfits. Miley does not look intimated though.
Diamond: and Miley looks to put away Gaga it looks like...
Lady Gaga: Oh you think this is over huh... well look at this.
Gomez: Oh my Gaga is going into multiple outfits of outright insane.Diamond: Its like one of those transformers in oddly shaped, and now this is definitely over as the the gagatron just sliced Miley in half.
Mills Lane: and the winner is Lady Gaga!
Gomez: What a way to come back from the dead of cancellation here on Celebrity Deathmatch!

(Commercial Break)
Gomez: If your just joining us here's what you missed. Miley Cyrus looked like she had it won when suddenly Gaga had transformed into the gagatron to put away Miley Cyrus. Slicing her in half.
Diamond our next fight should just as equally doozy.
Gomez: These two have a longtime heat of bad blood with one another its Taylor Swift vs Kanye West.
Diamond: The remaining question is will Kanye West have the Kardashians in her corner?
Gomez: Well the fighters are in the ring right now. In the blue corner he is the man everyone loves to hate you potential presidential candidate in 2020 Kanye West! In the Red corner she has been skyrocketed to popularity in pop music Taylor Swift!
Nick Mills: Alright I want a good clean fight you got that now let's get it on!
Kanye West: Beyonce best of all time! (as he charges towards swift)
Gomez: Kanye is not wasting any time going on the assault of Taylor Swift.
Diamond: How more personal can this get?
Taylor Swift: So this is about that award huh... maybe this will make you wake up.
Gomez: Oh and a kick to the groin well hurt in the morning that's if he is still living.
Diamond: Oh no Kim is standing by her man now.
Kim Kardashian: Oh did you think this fight was going to be a piece of cake?
Gomez: Suddenly its 2 on 1 in favor of Kanye.
West: Kim mind if you pass that over.
Kim: As you wish.
Diamond: It looks like Kanye's got some sort of gold chain planted on Swift's head.
Swift: What did you do to me
West: ''b***h'' please now suffer your fate, and accept that Beyonce the best of all time.
Swift: Never! (Chain detonates)
Gomez: and out for the count goodnight.
Nick Mills: and the winner is Kanye West!
Gomez: It was all Kanye from beginning to end as the two celebrate in their own way.
Still to come our main event which should one to dread, but at the same time we are invested into it as well on Celebrity Deathmatch!

(Commercial Break)
Gomez: Welcome back if your just turning here's what you missed. Miley Cyrus had Gaga on the ropes until Gaga had multiple bizarre outfits from of a gagatron, and sliced Miley in half. Then the next match was all Kanye, with a little assistance from Kim Kardashian.
Diamond: Now we have to of the most annoying singers from the past, and the future in this case.
Gomez: Justin Bieber has annoyed a world wide audience in the past decade, and the kid in the other corner looking to take his distinction is newcomer Youtube sensation Jacob Sartorius.
Lane: Okay fighters ready to get it on, and I certainly don't want any singer just straight go at it now let's get it on!
Gomez: They seem to be chatting, but why?
Justin Bieber: Oh no way Satorius I have to fight you?
Jacob Satorius: Really that blows hey want to entertain the fans by pretending to hit one another.
Bieber: Yeah I guess give a wink to our fans:
(Crowd boo's loudly)
Diamond: What's more of an outrage the fact we are robbed of a main event match, or these two not even duking it out?
Gomez: I say get it on, or do something Mills.
Lane: I order you to fight to the death right now you two.
Bieber: Na am not doing it
Satorius: Me neither
Lane: Alright you asked for it, yeah I need you down here ASAP thank you.
Gomez: Who was Mills calling Nick?
Diamond: Who knows... Its slipknot!
Gomez: Those two are in trouble now.
Lane: Now get it on!
Gomez: Led by Corey Taylor, Slipknot have surrounded the ring making sure Bieber, and Satorius will not escape, and suck it up.
Diamond: Here they go as Mick deliverers a devastating Pile driver on Satorius. Now his has a chainsaw to finish the match cutting them in sort of peices.
Gomez: Yep that is it Slipknot let them suffer the consequences.
Lane: And the real winners Slipknot!
Gomez: Everyone seems satisfied now after what looked to be refund city.
Diamond: Yeah Johnny if it was not for Mills Lane this would been a disaster to end the show on as Silpknot makes there presence known, for all of us here on Celebrity Deathmatch i'm Johnny Gomez saying good fight, good night!