Top 10 Celebrity Deathmatch Episodes

For this list we will be counting down the top episodes from the MTV show Celebrity Deathmatch.
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1 The Battle of the Heavy Metal Maniacs

Really great episode which featured Mick Foley as his Mankind persona with matches that featured the second ever clash of the superfreaks that pitted Beni Trauma who has four arms and has the DNA of Jackie Chan and Emeril Lagasse vs Potato Khan whose an actual potato with the DNA of Genghis Khan and Joe Pesci Trauma nearly had the fight won after cutting off all of Potato Khan's arms and legs and proceed to try and cook him before pouring a special sauce which causes Potato Khan to mutate and grow several tentacles as he rips Beni Trauma apart, the second fight featured Mankind against an opponent of his choosing in this case Ernest Hemmingway in a brutal contest that saw both competitors beat the hell out of one another and Mankind wins the fight by bringing Mr. Socko and uses he mandible claw on Hemmingway and rips his jaw off causing his brain to splatter on the floor after which Mankind attempted to perform a something special for the Deathmatch fans and tries to find a way to get ...more

2 Sex, Lugs and Rock n' Rock Roll

From season 3 the matched featured on the card saw Pamela Anderson making her second appearance in a deathmatch against Heather Locklear where they fought to keep Tommy Lee safe or let him fall into a crate full of hungry tree monkey and be killed Anderson nearly wins the fight with her upgraded radioactive breasts until they begin malfunctioning and explodes killing her giving the win to Locklear who lowers Tommy Lee into the cage as he is ripped apart by the monkeys the second fight saw Guns N Roses Axel Rose and Slash fighting to the death in a pretty brutal fight that saw Axel cutting off Slash's hair then scrambling his brains with a cake mixer which causes him to have the mental capacity of an 8 year old and cuts up Axel into paper dolls and in the main event Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordan competed in a deathmatch demolition derby as they drove around in carts fighting each other the match ends with Earnhardt manages to launch himself into the air crushing Gordan and his car ...more

3 Rockstarmageddon

The last deathmatch episode of the original series that featured Jimmy Hendrix vs Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley vs Shaggy and Keith Richards vs Dave Matthews.

4 Fandemonium 2000

The first match featured Beavis vs Butthead which was the first and only time that two cartoon characters fought on Celebrity Deathmatch and the main event saw The Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC brought back from the dead to face off against one another in a very chaotic fight.

5 Censoring Problems

From season 2 that featured Tommy Lee vs Ron Jeremy in a celebrity cockfight with both competitors fighting one another in rooster costumes and the fight ends with Tommy Lee getting up on a chair unzipping his pants and stabbing Ron Jeremy in the eye with his very long erection and throughout the first two segments Johnny and Nick get into trouble with the Bureau of Offensive Behavior or B.O.O.B. who are appalled by what happened during the fight and threatens to send the two to jail if another incident like that happened in the second fight Alanis Morrissette and Jewel fought in a ladder match for a big sack of money which ends with Morrissette drooping the bag of money on Jewel crushing her and turning her into a giant puck as she swings the ladder like a hockey stick sending her into the light rigging electrocuting her and causing her to explode and just when it seemed like Nick and Johnny are in the clear Alanis suddenly appears naked in the ring as they yell for referee Mills ...more

6 Halloween Episode 1

Great Halloween episode that featured WWE superstar The Undertaker voicing himself which featured Frankenstein's Monster vs The Wolfman, in the second fight Nick's son Nicky Jr. gets possessed by an evil demon Captain Doody and challenges The Undertaker in a pretty bizarre fight that ends with Undertaker hitting a modified version of the Tombstone piledriver on Nicky Jr. resulting in Captain Doody to fly out of him and vows revenge against Undertaker before possessing the popcorn vender and in the main event its Kiss vs N*SYNC with N*SYNC competing in costumes in a great free for all though JC gets taken out before the fight even begins after Paul Stanley blows him up with his laser eye making it a fair four on four fight.

7 4th of July Celebration

As the title suggest Celebrity Deathmatch hosts a fourth of July celebration as the episode opens with a rock performance by the deathmatch band playing rock versions of "Yankee Doodle", "When Johnny Comes Marching Homer" and "America the Beautiful" the matches consists of Bill Clinton vs Ken Starr which ends with Bill throwing Starr into the liberty Bell they were using for instead of the usual bell smashing his head and cracking the bell, the second fight features James Van Der Beak of Dawson's Creek vs Saddam Hussein and the main event features the use of the deathmatch time machine to bring back George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to fight one another to determine whose the best president in a very violent and bloody match which also featured Richard Nixon in George Washington's corner and Theodore Roosevelt in Lincoln's corner and all throughout the night Nick tries to convince Johnny that he actually served in Vietnam by showing him his gold metals, a necklace made of human ...more

8 Deathbowl 99

Matches featured include Dolly Parton vs Jennifer Lopez with both competitors wearing special armor that enhances each fighters body parts with Dolly's armor enhances her breasts and Lopez's enhances her butt, the seond fight features Michael Jackson vs Madonna with the ring surrounded with hydrochloric acid and the main event sees Evander Holyfield vs Mike Tyson in a brutal fight that spreads all the way into the streets and ends with Tyson pushing Holyfield off a building and lands on a TNT plunger down bellow that causes the building they were on to explode as Tyson is blown to bits.

9 Celebrity Deathmatch: Salute to Hollywood

Fights include Kevin Costner vs Kevin Smith, Kathy Bates vs Sharron Stone and the main event saw Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock.

10 Salute to Laughter

The fights include Dennis Miller vs Carrot Top, Rodney Dangerfield vs Don Rickles and Billy Crystal vs Whoopie Goldberg vs Robin WIlliams.

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11 The Mysterious T
12 Nick in a Coma
13 The Prophecy
14 A Celebrity Deathmatch Special Report
15 Shaq vs. Kobe
16 When Animals Attack
17 Salute to Laughter II
18 Barry vs. Bud
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